The meeting of Fiat workers in the Presidency has ended, they claim that they are one step closer to a solution

Fiat workers in Kragujevac finished a meeting at the Presidency of Serbia, where they discussed today the conditions of the social program, but also work in other factories, N1 announced.

Saša Đorđevic from the Fiat workers’ union said after the meeting that they are one step closer to a final agreement.
Đorđević said that they have submitted a complete list of categories of protected workers and they hope that everyone will keep their jobs.

For those who received severance pay, they asked to speed up the employment process in two dedicated industry factories in Zastava TERVO in Kragujevac and Combat Complex Systems in Velika Plana.

According to him, the declaration of workers about two options for working abroad in Slovakia lasts until Friday, and those who do not declare will be fired.

“The declaration for Slovakia can be extended by a day or two,” he added.

He also said that nothing was resolved for those workers who applied for Slovakia and received severance pay.

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