FCA trade union: Weak response for Slovakia, it is not excluded that another 800 workers will be made redundant

The interest of the workers of the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) factory in Kragujevac to work in Slovakia is below all expectations, and I am afraid that from Monday we could have another 800 workers as technological redundancy, the president of the independent union of the factory Saša Djordjević told the Beta agency today.

The company has extended until Friday the opportunity for workers to apply to go to work in Slovakia, at the Stelantisa car factory in which FCA operates. If he does not opt ​​for that option, the workers will leave the factory as technological redundancy, with a severance pay of 790 euros per year of service in FCA.

Severance pay has already been paid for 492 workers and they have left the factory, while the status of another 1,000 workers will be known after the deadline for applying for work in Slovakia.

Djordjević reminded that, along with the extension of the deadline for making statements, the company also offered the workers a new option to work in Slovakia. In addition to working continuously for two years, there is also a three-month engagement, with a month at home, for a total of up to two years.

He says that the new option, previously sought by the union, has not increased interest and that now the “climate” is such that workers want to leave the factory.

Djordjević said that he does not know how many workers have opted for Slovakia so far, but that he expects companies or states to announce this information publicly after the application deadline.

“The outcome of the application will also determine the further course of negotiations with state authorities,” Djordjević said.

He said that at yesterday’s meeting at the Presidency of Serbia, the Independent Trade Union submitted a new list of workers who consider that they meet the conditions to be in protected categories that will be exempted from the social program.

“There are about 20 workers on that new list, in addition to the previously established list of 63 protected,” Djordjević said.

He added that the quick employment of workers who are redundant is also a priority of the union, so he announced that by Tuesday at the latest, representatives of the workers will go on a tour of companies that have the opportunity to receive a number of workers from FCA who have been declared redundant.

Djordjević said that we are talking about the military factories Zastava tervo in Kragujevac and Combat Complex Systems in Velika Plana, but also the companies Janfeng and Wacker Neuson in Kragujevac.

The president of the FCA Independent Trade Union said that only the representatives of that trade union are participating in the negotiations with the state, since all other members of the negotiating team, from other trade unions and representatives of the workers, left the factory with severance pay.

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