Boris Johnson has resigned as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation today (Thursday), following two tumultuous days in which dozens of his cabinet ministers resigned in protest of his continued tenure and called on him to resign immediately. At 12:30 (UK time), Johnson appeared in front of the cameras at the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing, saying he would retire.

“It’s clearly a party’s desire to have a new leader, and therefore a new prime minister. The process needs to start now. Next week we will announce the timetable. I want to say to the millions who voted for us, many of them for the first time, thank you for this mandate. 1987. I felt it was my commitment to do everything we wanted to do in 2019. I am very proud of the government’s achievements … in Brexit, in the fastest exit from the Corona plague and in the Western leadership against Putin.

“I regret not being able to see many of the projects materialize. But when the herd moves, it moves. In politics no one is irreplaceable. Our Darwinian system will provide a new leader. To them I say – I will give you some support I can. I am sad about that. That I am giving up the best job in the world. ” He told the public that “our future, the future of Britain, is gilded”.

Only about 30 Conservative MPs, less than 10% of the parliamentary faction, honored the announcement of their retirement in their presence. Beside them also stood Prime Minister’s wife Carrie Johnson, and their baby in a carrier.

Johnson has experienced unprecedented public humiliation in the UK over the past day, with more than 55 members of government, including senior ministers, junior ministers and members of the government, announcing that his term is no longer acceptable and that he should resign. The latest nail was pierced by the new finance minister, who was appointed only yesterday, publicly went out to the media and called on Johnson to resign immediately. Nadim Zahawi, who only yesterday morning defended Johnson on the TV shows in which he was hosted as the new finance minister, published a letter asking him to resign. “Yesterday I made it clear to the prime minister and my colleagues that there is only one way to resolve the situation, and that he should leave the post with dignity. Out of appreciation, and hope that he will listen to an old friend for more than 30 years, I kept the details to myself.” “I am heartbroken that Johnson did not listen to the advice,” Zahawi wrote.

The exchange rate of the£ Against the dollar and the euro rose after the announcement of the imminent retirement, and also the British stock index (FTSE ) Has shown increases in recent hours.

A discussion is currently underway as to when Johnson will remain in office. He aspires to stay until the Conservative Party conference in October, thus bypassing Theresa May’s tenure. However, sources in the party suggested that an alternate prime minister be appointed, or that Johnson resign earlier. Opposition leader Kir Starmer today hailed the move as “good news, but it should have happened long before that. He was never qualified to serve in the prime minister’s office”. Labor is leading the polls if elections were held today.

The struggle for the leadership of the Conservative Party has begun

The race is now expected to open on who will replace him as head of the Conservative Party, leading the United Kingdom at a critical time in the economy, while the country faces a looming recession, and is still struggling to find its place after retiring from the EU. Inflation in the UK has passed the 9% threshold, the pound is at a low against other currencies, and it is not yet clear what the budget will include in terms of taxation and investment policy.

The candidacy process will take place in two stages, which can take several months: first the two leading candidates in a series of votes will be nominated by members of the Conservative faction, and then a comprehensive vote will be held among Conservative party members by mail. Hypothetically, whoever is elected can lead the UK by January 2025, the planned election date. However, it is possible that he or she will decide to lead the state in the election to get a renewed seat from the public.

Leading candidates to replace him, in a race that is expected to be completely open in contrast to the race in which Johnson won the previous internal election, are Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, Foreign Minister Liz Trass, Commerce Secretary Penny Mordont, Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Togdenhat and resigning Finance Minister Rishi Sonak And former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

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