At the initiative of Fiat, a meeting of the representatives of that company with the representatives of the Strike Committee of the Fiat Plastic factory will be held in Kragujevac on Monday, the Beta agency was told in the Strike Committee.

The president of the Strike Committee, Zoran Miljković, confirmed that the state mediator informed him today that Fiat requested a meeting with the strikers on Monday at 2.30 pm in Kragujevac.

As the media were informed yesterday by the Strike Committee, the negotiations that were conducted in three rounds with the mediation of the state conciliator failed, because Fiat remained with its decisions and was not ready to make concessions, unlike the strikers.

Miljković said that the state conciliator and manager of Fiat for Southeast Europe, Marcelo Batalja, and the director of the FCA in Kragujevac, Nikola Jerotijević, will participate in the meeting in Kragujevac.

He said that the Strike Committee maintains that it will not discuss the demands that are the reason for the suspension of work, until Fiat returns the machines that it “illegally” moved to another company during the strike and until it returns a group of workers from forced leave to work.


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