The independent union of the “Zastava Oruzje” factory, in an open letter to the Minister of Defense Nebojsa Stefanovic, pointed out today that the Ministry continues to ignore the demands of the factory workers to replace the colonel of the Serbian Army Ivica Marjanovic, who has been chairing the factory’s Supervisory Board for five years.

“The result of management and non.compliance with factory procedures are losses of over 40 million dollars realized only in 2017, when Ivica Marjanović was the president of the Supervisory Board, which contributed to the total losses of the company exceeding 18 billion dinars,” the union believes.

They assessed that the demands of the factory workers for the shift were based on “irrefutable facts”.

“The union warns again and demands that the Ministry of Defense take into account numerous complaints from unions, the professional public and factory engineers who, with numerous written and oral suggestions, warned of an unprecedented way of managing the factory, numerous examples of abuse of management and inappropriate work,” he said. is in an open letter.

It is noted that the responsibility of the Supervisory Board is reflected in the devastation and destruction of the factory system “as a result of constant and anti.statutory dismissals of executive directors, lower management, interference in management, as well as violation of the factory statute.”

The union points out that the president of the Supervisory Board participated in making a series of decisions harmful to the factory, where donations in the multimillion amounts were approved, which caused that, in addition to all financial obligations, the factory workers did not have seniority.

The union emphasizes that “the complete privatization of public office has been present for years.”

He adds that the key and strategic decisions for the factory were made by phone, so the assessment of the factory’s assets was adopted at the telephone session.

“This resulted in a multiple decrease in the value of 45 hectares of factory land located in the narrowest city zone, as well as a decrease in the value of facilities and factory equipment,” the letter reads.

It is stated that the Supervisory Board is also responsible for failures during the purchase of factory equipment “which today does not give the effect of raising production capacity and in the opinion of the expert factory public, such failures are measured in the amount of several million euros.”

It is estimated that all this has not been a sufficient reason to reconsider the work of the President of the Supervisory Board.

The union believes that the fact that the Ministry is deaf to factory problems and that Nenad Miloradović is the Assistant Minister of Defense behind this way of managing the Supervisory Board, when Ivica Marjanović says that he is its protector, is creating increasing anger among workers.

“Therefore, there is increasing pressure from workers to organize a protest in Belgrade as soon as possible in order to bring the factory problems closer to the Ministry and express dissatisfaction with the policy pursued by the Ministry towards the factory. A positive turnaround and development of the factory will not be possible the action of the Supervisory Board “, said the Independent Trade Union.

The open letter expressed the expectation that the Ministry of Defense will respect the address of the unions and factory workers by initiating mechanisms for “eliminating the difficulties in which the Zastava Oruzje AD factory operates today.”


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