This is the incredible amount a contractor employee who suffered racism while working for Tesla received: The federal court in San Francisco has ruled that the car giant of billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, Tesla, Is liable for compensation in an extraordinary amount to a former employee of the company, who claimed to have been treated disgracefully at work, and suffered from harassment with a racist background.

Diaz, a former Tesla contractor, was recruited through a placement company in 2015, and often suffered from a hostile work atmosphere, in which, according to his testimony before the court, his co.workers used insulting nicknames to defame him and other black workers at the plant, including phrases like: To Africa. ” Employees also left racist graffiti throughout the workplace and in the restrooms.

Tesla car inside the “loop” tunnel (Photo: Reuters)

Prosecutor Diaz’s attorney, Jay Bernard Alexander: “We were able to put the jury in the plaintiff’s shoes. When Tesla’s representatives came to court they tried to convince the judge and jury that they adhered to a ‘zero tolerance’ policy and thus fulfilled their duty. The jury was hurt only by the persuasion attempt alone, and claimed that Tesla showed zero responsibility. “

According to a report in the economic newspaper Bloomberg, the jury that ruled in the same lawsuit ordered the company to pay the employee a sum of $ 130 million and another $ 7 million for the mental anguish caused to him by the legal proceedings against the financial giant.

Tesla chose to respond through a blog post they posted, stating that it was agreed by employees (three of whom even testified at trial as eyewitnesses) that using racist curses in the workplace is inappropriate, but they did so out of a “friendly” feeling. Workers of African.American descent.

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