Hotel Grand Kopaonik presented an exhibition on the beginnings of the development of modern tourism on Kopaonik (VIDEO)

Hotel “Grand Kopaonik” announced today that by the end of October on the Sava promenade in Belgrade, all those interested will be able to see the exhibition “Trails of Memories” as part of the 40th anniversary of the development of modern tourism on Kopaonik and the opening of the hotel “Karavan”, today’s Grand Kopaonik “.

The open.air exhibition was inspired by the beginnings of white sports in this area, the first enthusiasts in conquering Kopaonik and the first steps towards a fashionable ski resort.

Visitors to the exhibition will have the opportunity to see archival photographs from all periods that marked the path of Kopaonik as a tourist destination.

The last segment of the exhibition will present the new era of the “Grand Kopaonik” hotel, its luxury edition and contents that guests will have the opportunity to enjoy as early as this winter.

The director of marketing and communications of MK Mountain Resort, Svetlana Kostić, said that the exhibition should show “the brilliant path of Kopaonik from the first traces of skis in the snow to what we call a fashionable tourist place today”.

She thanked the Archives of Yugoslavia, the Tourist Organization of Serbia (TOS), the Tourist Organization of Raska and the Ski Club “Raska” for their help in preparing the exhibition. She announced that the reconstructed hotel “Grand Kopaonik” will be opened at the beginning of December.

“The Grand was and remains above its time, the cornerstone of what we now call the luxury tourist offer,” she said at the presentation of the exhibition.

The director of TOS, Marija Labović, pointed out that the jubilee, 40 years since the beginning of the development of modern tourism on Kopaonik, is important not only for MK Group and Kopanik, but also for the whole of Serbia.

“The jubilee shows us how far the tourism of Serbia has advanced in 40 years and how much it has taken a significant place in the overall economy of our country,” she said.

Labović pointed out that the investment of investors like MK Group is a destination such as Kopaonik, which has brought it to the level of world ski centers.

“Today, we can say that we had a mountain that matches all other mountain centers in Europe and that rightfully competes for foreign and domestic tourists,” said the director of TOS.

According to her, the importance of Kopaonik for Serbian tourism is evidenced by the fact that in 2019, which was a record for Serbian tourism with more than 10 million overnight stays, almost 30 percent was realized in mountain centers, of which 25 percent was realized on Kopaonik.

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