A roof over your head and up to 50 hectares of free state land for use by young farmers are a guarantee that Banat will not be left empty, said today the Minister for the care of the village, Milan Krkobabic, during a visit to the village of Perlez in Zrenjanin.

He visited the household of a young farmer, Milan Mišković, who received subsidies to buy a house with a garden in Perlez.

“This is something I could only dream about. My own household will allow me to start a family with my fiancée, and I will continue to cultivate the land as before with my father. I love the village and I will definitely stay here,” said Mišković, who is irretrievable. received 1.2 million dinars for the purchase of a house of 85 square meters and a garden of eight acres with auxiliary facilities.

The mayor of Zrenjanin, Simo Salapura, stated that “on the wings” of the idea of ​​the Ministry for the care of the village, the city of Zrenjanin provided every help and encouragement to young farmers to stay in rural areas.

“Roads that are slowly coming to these parts, with the infrastructure that we are trying to provide the gas pipeline, schools, kindergartens, sports facilities and other communal infrastructure that we are trying to be better, with such programs will attract young people who can only revive our villages “Salapura said.

Krkobabic emphasized that the interest in the program of subsidizing the purchase of rural houses with gardens exceeds all expectations and that it is now certain that the allocation of empty houses will continue in the future.

The Ministry of Village Care, in addition to this, implements programs to improve living and working conditions in the countryside, from solving the issue of subsistence of villagers by joining cooperatives, allocating funds for the purchase of minibuses to transport the rural population to enriching the cultural life of villagers. .

Today, Krkobabic also spoke about the initiative to give free state land, which, according to the SANU Board for the village, to about 200,000 hectares, under certain conditions for use by those who are interested in cultivating it.


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