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The positive trend continues on Wall Street, the leading stock indices climb by 1.4% .1.6%. The yield on 10.year US government bonds rises to about 1.56%.

Prominent increases are recorded Ali Baba , Neo, General Motors And Moderna which opened the day with a sharp decline and then moved to the positive side.


European stocks closed up 1.2% .1.8%. On Wall Street, the positive trend continues, amid speculation that Democrats and Republicans in Congress will reach understandings that will prevent the government from being shut down and a state of temporary insolvency.

In the commodity market, a contract on Nafa WTI is up 0.9% to $ 78.15 a barrel. A contract on the ounce of gold records a slight decline.


New York’s leading stock indices are now up 1.4% .1.5%. Prominent increases are recorded Ford Motors , EBay, ZIM, Faber , Fertility and allot.

Company Rada Reports new orders totaling $ 24 million in the third quarter of 2021. Together with the orders reported by the company in the first half of 2021 amounting to $ 56 million, the total orders received from the beginning of 2021 to the end of the third quarter total $ 80 million.


US trading day opened in a positive trend. Leading stock indices climbed 1% .1.1%.

stock Zim , Solaredge And Sentinel One stand out with sharp rises. Modern , On the other hand, continues to lose height and decreases by about 2%.


Initial claims for unemployment benefits in the United States last week stood at 326,000 compared to the expected 345,000.


Trading in Europe continues to rise by 1.3% .1.6%, and futures on Wall Street indices are also trading up 1%.

Sapiens , Monday And Gilat jumps 5% in early trading on Wall Street. Gilat Has signed service contracts worth more than $ 16 million to operate broadband services for communications networks in Peru.

The Israeli technology company A2Z Smart Technologies, which is traded on stock exchanges in the US and Canada, today announced the signing of a pilot agreement between its smart cart company, CUST2MATE, and the Morton Williams supermarket chain from Manhattan. The pilot will continue for a period of 60 days at the end of which the chain will purchase carts for all the other branches scattered in New York.

In the crypto market, the gains moderated and Bitcoin, which had already crossed the $ 55,000 mark, dropped back to $ 53.9 thousand.


The declines in the energy market are deepening. U.S. crude oil (WTI) fell 2.8 percent to $ 75.1 a barrel. Brent crude is down 2.1% to $ 79.3 a barrel. Natural gas erases another 4.6% of its value, to a level of $ 5.41 per unit.

Trading in Hong Kong ended with nice price increases, and the Hang Seng Index jumped 3%. Among the stocks that stood out were Alibaba, which jumped more than 7%, Shiomi, which rose 3.9%, and Maitouan, which jumped 9%.

In Europe, the positive trend in the markets continues, except for the energy companies throughout the bloc, which are weakening against the background of the decline in oil and gas prices. BP loses 0.6% in London, Royal’s Dach’s falls more than 1%. In Paris Total Energies is down 1.6%.


Trading in European markets opened with price increases: the German DAX, the English Potsy and the French CAC strengthened by 1.2%, similar increases were also recorded in Amsterdam, Madrid, Milan, Zurich and Stockholm. The pan.European Eurostox 50 index is up 1.3%.

The Nikkei in Tokyo closed up 0.5%, while alongside impressive gains for Nippon, Kawasaki and Mitsui Corporation, Tokyo’s electricity company fell 3% and thickened trading, and Japanese oil company Infax fell 8.3% amid declining crude oil prices.


Asian stocks are trading positively this morning as the Tokyo index rises 0.5% and the Hong Kong index jumps 2%. Australia, Taiwan, South Korea and India are also experiencing price increases. In China, the stock exchanges are still closed for the holiday and will resume operations tomorrow.

Shares of Infax, the Japanese oil company, fall close to 9% in light of the decline in crude oil prices. The Tokyo Electric Company is also losing ground. In Hong Kong, too, the trend is similar with the companies PetroChina and CNOOC falling close to 4%, while the rest of the shares in the Hang Seng index have a positive day. Among others, Shiomi is up 3.9% and Alibaba is up 5.5%.

Futures are signaling a green start in the U.S. stock markets, rising 0.3 percent to 0.5 percent. On the 10.year bond rises to 1.54%.

Also in the crypto market the screens are green and the main currencies are climbing. Bitcoin has crossed the $ 55,000 mark for the currency, Heather is trading for more than $ 3,500.

Crude oil prices fell close to 2% yesterday after a surprising jump in US oil inventories, which rose 2.3 million barrels when market forecasts were down by 400,000 this week in light of the expected rise in fuel demand. This morning US oil traded down 0.8% Brent crude is down 0.4 percent to $ 80.7 a barrel.

The price of natural gas also plunged about 10% yesterday after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would increase gas flow from Russia to Europe due to the energy crisis and expectations for a particularly cold winter. This morning the gas traded down slightly.

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