– General strike today called by Cobas, Usb and all the basic unionism (Cub, Unicobas, Sgb, Orsa). In all major Italian cities there will be parades, sit.ins, flashmobs. Disruptions in transport and schools are expected. A procession is scheduled which will start from Piazza della Repubblica. Usb Scuola has promoted a demonstration at the Ministry of Education.

“The strike of 11 October – writes the Usb – is a response and a challenge to the Draghi.Bonomi government, which is under the illusion of obtaining social peace through bureaucracy, pushing further the consultation process and spreading smoke in the eyes with both hands on dramatic and painful question of homicides at work “.

With the protest, the Cobas ask:

  • the reduction of working time with equal wages to combat unemployment;
  • quality work in terms of rights, with a permanent contract as a general rule, raising real wages and a European minimum wage, the abolition of the Jobs Act and the Fornero reform;
  • equal pay for women;
  • no to the release of dismissals and the suspension of income due to lack of Green pass;
  • yes to the abolition of contracts and sub.contracts, with internalisation starting from the public sector;
  • revaluation of public pensions and pensions guaranteed to young people; a universal income, also extended to migrants, which strengthens the bargaining power of male and female workers;
  • the strengthening of inspection systems and the role of RLS, for real safety at work and greater penalties for non.compliant employers;
  • a turnaround with respect to ecological disasters and climate change caused by the logic of capitalist profit;
  • the relaunch of the welfare state, through investments in public schools and public health, strengthening public transport, adequate recruitment in the public sector.

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