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Trading day on European stock exchanges opened in a negative trend. Trading in US stock market indices is down 0.6% .0.7%.

A Brent oil contract is trading at a slight drop of around $ 83.5 a barrel.


Asian stock markets are trading in a negative trend today: the leading stock indices are retreating by about 1%. Trading on U.S. stock market indices saw slight declines after a negative close in New York last night. The yield on 10.year U.S. government bonds stands at 1.61%.

A Brent oil contract is trading at around $ 83.7 a barrel. Bitcoin is down about 1% and trades around $ 57,000.

Despite the lack of clarity in the stock markets economists Some of the major US banks believe that there is a good opportunity to take advantage of the declines recorded in the markets, despite the rise in US government bond yields. Among investors, the current rate of inflation is transient (temporary), according to a survey by Goldman Sachs economists led by David Costin.

After the declines recorded in early October, the multiplier of the S&P 500 index on the profit of the companies in the index for the year ahead fell to about 21.6 – 23% higher than the average multiplier in the last 10 years.

According to a survey conducted by Deutsche Bank, there is a consensus among economists that the risks of stagnation have increased. Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan, on the other hand, strongly disagree and call for a chance to enter. “We believe the declines are a ‘buy’ opportunity, as previously seen after a 5% correction,” Goldman Sachs wrote. GP Morgan added: “We finally got some weakness after 330 days with no correction of more than 5%, but we do not expect it to last, and recommend buying into the declines.”

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