– From 15 October the Green Pass will be mandatory in the workplace. It will therefore be necessary to show that they are in possession of it and to facilitate the flow of entry and exit, the Government – in the draft of the DPCM – provides for the use of a development package for applications (Software Development Kit.SDK), released by the Ministry of Health with an open source license, which allows you to integrate the COVID.19 green certification verification functions into access control systems, including attendance detection systems, by reading the QR code.

There are many innovations envisaged by the provision. These are the most important.

It is forbidden to keep the QR code

“It is expressly forbidden to keep the two.dimensional barcode (QR code) of the COVID.19 green certifications subject to verification, as well as to extract, consult, record or otherwise process for purposes other than those provided” the information detected by reading the QR code and the information provided after the checks “.

Checks no later than 48 hours in advance

Controls by the employer to ensure that their employees arrive at the turnstiles or at the entrance to the offices equipped with a green pass, which is mandatory starting from October 15, can take place in advance but not earlier than 48 hours. This limit was set “to meet specific organizational needs, such as those deriving from work activities carried out on the basis of shifts, or connected to the provision of essential services”.

How the verification takes place

The operation to verify possession of the Green Pass will take place by entering, by the operator, the public utility number of the Ministry of Health, the tax code and the last eight digits of the health card of the person concerned and the type and date of the health event that generated the certificate.

“Automated” green pass verification

In verifying the green pass, the Ministry of Health “makes specific functions available to employers” so that this operation becomes “daily and automated”. In practice, information will be guaranteed only regarding the “possession” of the “valid” certificate. “Further information” will not be known.

Paper green pass in the transition period

Pending the release and eventual update of the Covid.19 green certifications by the national DGC platform, the interested parties can still make use of the documents issued, in paper or digital format, by public and private health facilities, pharmacies, laboratories analysis, by general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice who certify or report “one of the necessary conditions that give the go.ahead to enter the workplace (certification, swab or recovery from Covid).

Italians vaccinated abroad

Also for them it will be possible to obtain the green pass. According to the draft, the Health Card system “acquires, through a special online form, made available on the national portal of the DGC.Platform, the data relating to vaccinations carried out abroad by Italian citizens and their cohabiting family members as well as by subjects registered with the National Health Service that require the issuance of the green COVID.19 certification in Italy to have access to the services and activities identified by the provisions in force “.

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