Acting director of the Post of Serbia Zoran Djordjevic and director of the Secondary Technical PTT School in Belgrade Goran Stanojevic signed an agreement on dual education today, which will provide students with practical training at the Post of Serbia.
The Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Branko Ruzic, also visited the school, expressing satisfaction with the cooperation and thanking Djordjevic for the initiative he launched, which was wholeheartedly supported by the Ministry, the Serbian Post said.

“This year, according to the initiative of the Post of Serbia, we have a new educational profile – postal traffic and telecommunications technician, and next year another profile is planned, a telecommunications technician. This is the right way to train staff at the earliest age, which I am convinced , work in the Post Office tomorrow. This model really shows significant quality and brings benefits to both the economy and education, “said Ruzic.

Djordjevic pointed out that during his first visit to this school, after he took office in March, he learned that the school does not have an agreement with the Post, which would enable students to do professional practice in that public company.

“Thanks to the understanding and commitment of Minister Ruzic, we have achieved cooperation beyond deadlines and beyond possibilities, and since this year we have certified instructors, who are ready to transfer knowledge to these young people and hold practical classes,” said Djordjevic.

He added that the future of the Post is in young people, while it is important for them to know that immediately after finishing school, they will have the opportunity to apply for employment and get a job from next year.

Starting from this year’s generation of first graders, students of the Secondary Technical PTT School will have the opportunity to acquire and improve practical skills and competencies important for their professional development through work under the professional supervision of instructors at the Post of Serbia, in a real work environment.

Earlier this year, the Post of Serbia concluded a contract on dual education with the Academy of Technical and Artistic Vocational Studies, with the same opportunities for students of this higher education institution.

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