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A mixed trend on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrial average traded slightly lower, while the NASDAQ rose slightly.

Stock Bioline Soars after the company reported positive results in a study of the company’s drug activity in stem cell mobility.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with slight gains. stock Modern , Solaredge And Sentinel One stand out with sharp rises.


The U.S. consumer price index rose 0.4 percent in September, compared with economists’ expectations of a 0.3 percent increase, and completed a 5.4 percent increase in the past 12 months. The core index rose 0.2 percent, in line with expectations.

Thus, the inflation data for September indicated an increase to a 13.year high, and the inflation rate is expected to continue to climb against the background of an increase in commodity and energy prices. This is particularly challenging for the Fed’s perception that inflation is temporary.

Reporting season has begun: Delta Airlines And J.P. Morgan beat the forecasts. Delta reported earnings of 30 cents a share in the last quarter, compared to analysts’ expected earnings of 17 cents.

JPM Reported earnings of $ 3.74 per share compared to expectations of $ 3 per share.


The issue of the American debt ceiling worries investors, and experts of the Investment Institute of Blackrock It is estimated in their weekly poll that it will be resolved soon, “but there is a chance that in the US we will see the government shut down due to disagreement over the budget.” Social and climate change, originally budgeted at $ 3.5 trillion, is expected to shrink to ensure broad congressional support.

“U.S. stocks reversed last week’s downward trend after the Senate agreed to temporarily raise the debt ceiling, and 10.year U.S. Treasury bonds rose to the highest level since June. “We see the recent rise in yields as a correction of the disconnect between earlier economic returns and earlier yields, and not as an event that heralds a more drastic rise in yields,” the property company said in a statement. Others around the globe will now benefit more from the expansion of the economic restart. “We are at a very low weight in US bonds while we see a gradual increase in nominal yields even when the Fed is about to reduce its asset purchase program.”


Trading on the European stock exchanges has moved to the positive side, and now only slight declines are recorded on the London, Madrid and Vienna stock exchanges. In futures contracts, too, the trend is positive at the moment, while at the same time yields in the US government bond market are declining – the yield on the 10.year bond stands at 1.56%.

In the oil market, the declines intensified and now both types of crude oil are traded down by about 0.5%.


European stock exchanges are now trading in a mixed trend, as the DAX, Amsterdam, Lisbon and Vienna indices have moved to price increases.

Software company SAP Jumps around 4% in Germany after reporting yesterday a 5% increase in its quarterly revenues, which amounted to 6.8 billion euros in the quarter ended September (about 100 million euros above analysts’ forecasts). Net income was 1.19 euros per share, while the market expected it to be 82 cents per share. Simultaneously with the publication of the reports, the company raised its revenue and profit forecasts for the entire year.

In China, trade closed in a positive trend. The Shanghai index rose 0.4%, the Shenzhen rose 1.5% and the China 50 index rose 1.3%.


Opening red trading on European stock markets, with the DAX down 0.2%, Kak up 0.4% and Potsy down 0.6%, while growth in the UK missed forecasts slightly: its gross domestic product grew by 0.4% in August (compared to expectations for 0.5%) in light of a return to activity in the arts, entertainment and food industries. In July, GDP fell by 0.1%.


Trading in Japan closed lower, with the Nikkei down 0.3%. Mitsubishi Motors soared above 5%, Mazda rose 3.3%, J.Front Retail jumped 8.5%. Softbank Group fell 1%, Toyota lost 1.3%.

Trading on Wall Street contracts is becoming more negative, with the Dow Jones contract now trading slightly lower.

The crypto market is experiencing moderate price declines, and Bitcoin is trading around $ 55.3 thousand.


Trading in Asia is taking place this morning in a mixed trend with no significant fluctuations on most exchanges. The Nikkei and Shanghai indices are down 0.2%, the Sydney index is trading steadily with a downward trend. Shenzhen, on the other hand, is up 0.4% and the China 50 Index is up 0.7%. South Korea, Indonesia and India are also experiencing price increases. In Hong Kong, trade was suspended due to a typhoon.

In Tokyo, the car companies Mitsubishi and Mazda stand out, which cost 4% and 3%, respectively. The Softbank Group is down 1.4%. In India, the international car manufacturing corporation Tata Motors is jumping 17% in a huge trading volume after reporting a $ 1 billion raise that reflects a value of $ 9.1 billion.

Trading on Wall Street futures is also a mixed trend, with contracts on the Nasdaq and S & P500 indices retreating 0.1% while the contract on the Dow Jones is trading steadily.

Growth figures for the UK as well as the monthly report of the OPEC oil cartel will be released today. Crude oil contracts are trading down 0.1%, with WTI oil trading at $ 80.5 a barrel and Brent crude oil at $ 83.3 a barrel.

Investors are awaiting developments in the United States today, including the September Consumer Price Index (which is projected to rise by 0.3% and bring annual inflation to 5.3%), details of the Federal Reserve’s open market meeting from September (which may provide hints of central bank plans to withdraw from monetary policy Expanding), as well as the opening of the reporting season for the third quarter with the publication of the reports of GP Morgan Chase and Delta Airlines prior to the opening of trading.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 0.3% last night, the Nasdaq was down 0.1% and the S&P 500 was down 0.2%. The 10.year yield on US bonds was stable at around 1.58%.

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