In an interview with the Chinese Media Group (CMG), Montenegrin Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ratko Mitrovic emphasized the importance and urgency of strengthening the protection of biodiversity and cooperation in preserving the environment.
Ahead of the 15th session of the Convention on Biodiversity (COP 15), which opened on October 11 in Kunming in the southwestern Chinese province of Yunnan with the topic “Environmental civilization: Building a common future for all”, he stated that in the last 10 to 20 years of increasing importance and thus the protection of biodiversity.

“In the last ten years, a special branch of ecological urbanism and biodiversity has been developing, and it is becoming one of the most important segments of development and use of space as one of the most valuable resources, not only in Montenegro but worldwide,” Mitrovic said.

He said that in Montenegro, industries related to one.time production are no longer stimulated, but those that have a constant flow, ie those projects that are suitable from the point of view of ecology and do not have a negative impact on the environment, are being forced.

According to Mitrovic, Montenegro attaches great importance to educating children so that they have an awareness of environmental protection from an early age.

“Most of the environmental measures can be achieved by educating the young population in the right way, and for these reasons we have planned certain educational courses for younger populations, to teach them that if they have a good and positive attitude towards nature,” he said. is a minister.

He reminded that in September 2018, within the ministerial conference “Endowment of the Future” in Podgorica, a mechanism for cooperation in the field of environmental protection was launched between China and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Montenegro was chosen as the holder of this project.

“Now we are preparing concrete projects, together we will apply, together we will stimulate projects that are the best for all CEE countries and China and which are related to green energy, energy efficiency, protection of biodiversity,” Mitrovic stated.

This year marks the Year of Green Development and Environmental Protection in the framework of cooperation between China and CEE countries. Speaking about that, Mitrovic said that Montenegro wants to exchange experiences with China and better cooperate in the protection of biodiversity and the environment, both bilaterally and in the mechanism of cooperation between China and CEE countries.

“It would be very interesting for experts from China to come to us and then we go to them to see their experiences… Cooperation with China can be of great benefit to us in every way, and even the cooperation project between China and CEE countries is in operation. “On the basis of mutual experiences, we can jointly make a difference for China and for us who live in this area,” Mitrovic said.


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