Today in Moscow, the Minister of Mining and Energy, Zorana Mihajlović, in a conversation with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary, Peter Sijart, pointed out that the two countries are partners in the field of energy.

“The hydrogen strategy will be an integral part of the new energy development strategy, which is being drafted. Given that Hungary has already adopted a hydrogen strategy, it would be very important for Serbia to exchange experiences and work on a common approach in the field of green hydrogen,” she said. is Mihajlovic, her office announced.

She pointed out that Serbia has also prepared a new investment plan, which focuses on the construction of new hydropower plants and new capacities from renewable energy sources, where there is also room for cooperation between the two countries.
As she added, along with the existing Balkan Stream gas pipeline, the project of building a gas interconnection between Serbia and Bulgaria is also important for the energy security of the region, which will enable the diversification of routes and natural gas suppliers.

Sijarto pointed out the importance of a stable supply of natural gas to Hungary through the territory of Serbia and expressed the readiness of the Hungarian side to further improve relations in the field of energy.

By Editor