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Trading in Europe is on a positive trend with slight gains. Deutsche Bank climbs in Frankfurt by close to 2%, and also Volkswagen A.J. , Adidas , Alliance andPorsche Getting stronger. London Airport Group IAG Up 2.6%, and so are stocks Barclays , HSBC , Glencore , BP andLloyds Centers of interest.

In Shanghai, trading closed up 0.4%, while the Shenzhen index rose 0.5%. The Hang Seng index closed up close to 1%, with notable increases for Gili, the solar energy company Xinyi and the Mituan company.

Trading on Wall Street contracts signals a positive opening this afternoon, when Virgin Galactic Drops 20% pre-trade after announcing the postponement of commercial space flights to the fourth quarter of 2022.


European trading day opened with moderate price increases. The DAX is up 0.2%, Potsey is up 0.4% and Kak is up 0.5%. The highest rise in the bloc stands at 0.8% on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

In Frankfurt, Deutsche Bank stands out with an increase of about 1.5%, and in London, too, banks and investment houses are recording increases. Energy giant BP is also strengthening in parallel with rising crude oil prices.

In China, the Shanghai index rose 0.4% and the Shenzhen 0.5%. In Hong Kong the rise has strengthened slightly and stands at 0.9%. Car company Gili continues its positive momentum and jumps above 8%.

Bitcoin continues to trade at a slight increase and its price is around $ 59.5 thousand.


The Japanese Nikkei closed up 1.8%. Mitsubishi Motors continued its positive momentum and climbed 4.8%, and another nice increase was recorded by Mitsubishi Bank, silicon sheet maker SUMCO climbed 5% after announcing that it intends to raise $ 1.1 billion (125 billion yen) to fund the construction of a new semiconductor plant.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is on a positive trend, with the Japanese Nikkei gaining 1.4% while China and Hong Kong saw more moderate gains of 0.2% to 0.5%. The stock market in India is on holiday following the “Feast of Light”, the traditional Hindu Dosara festival.

In Tokyo, Mitsubishi Motors’ share price rose 4.5%, while in Hong Kong, electric vehicle maker Gili jumped 7.7%.

Trading on Wall Street futures also continued the positive momentum recorded last night, and the contracts on the indices climbed about 0.3%. Yesterday we closed today with price increases of about 1.7% in the Nasdaq and S&P 500 and of about 1.5% in the Dow Jones.

The U.S. reporting season began this week and today will publish results, among others, General Electric andGoldman Sachs . Among the reports published yesterday: Bank of America (Earnings of 85 cents per share compared to expectations of 71 cents per share), Citigroup ($ 2.15 earnings per share compared to expectations of $ 1.72), Morgan Stanley (Earnings of $ 1.98 per share compared to expectations of $ 1.69 per share), United Health (Earnings of $ 4.52 per share compared to expectations of $ 4.41 per share) andWalgreens (Earnings of $ 1.17 per share compared to expectations of $ 1.02 per share).

In the crypto market, the trend is mixed, with Bitcoin slowly climbing towards $ 60,000 and the ether strengthening by 5% to a level of just over $ 3,800 per currency, but in most small currencies there are slight declines.

In the oil market, price increases continue, and both types of oil increase by 0.7%. WTI oil is trading at $ 81.8 a barrel, and Brent crude is at $ 84.6.

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