Novi Pazar: After the writing of the media, the tender for the lease of the display was suspended

The city of Novi Pazar has suspended the tender for the lease of illuminated advertising displays mounted on public lighting poles in the city center, for which it planned to spend 2.8 million dinars in the next year.

The explanation of the decision to suspend the procedure, made after the writing of Radio Sto Plus, states that the tender commission concluded that after reviewing the need of the procuring entity to expand the subject of public procurement, it is more expedient for it to be realized in the next period, when conditions are met.

“During the preparation of the tender documentation, the contracting authority did not have an insight into the needs of public companies and advertising institutions, which have become known in the meantime, which results in a change in the content of the tender documentation regarding the scope and time period of contracting services.”

Sto Plus reminded that the documentation of the suspended tender required the bidder to have a minimum of 79 double-sided oriented displays, measuring 90 by 120 centimeters, made of aluminum with a steel construction, installed in rows and directed towards the road and sidewalks.

In addition, the local self-government specified which locations must have displays, at least 48 in Stefan Nemanja Street, 10 in AVNOJ Street, nine in 28 November Street, and 12 on Isa-beg Isaković Square.

As that radio discovered, only one company, which owns the displays at those locations, could fulfill the tender conditions thus defined.

The local self-government did not answer the questions why they planned to rent the displays for a year, for what needs they need them and why they defined the conditions in that way.

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