In good company: the billionaires who dropped out of the U.S. ranking for 2021

Veteran media woman Opera did not enter the prestigious ranking this year, along with other billionaires such as Gap founder and founder Paul Mitchell • Who pushed the rich out of the rankings and by how much did their fortunes plummet in the past year?

This year, promising young entrepreneurs have snatched the places of Forbes magazine’s prestigious 400 richest US rich. Some of the billionaires pushed aside are familiar names in almost every home around the world, including former President Donald Trump who was ousted from the list for the first time after starring in it 25 One year in a row.

This is because the threshold for admission to the list has risen this year, and now stands at $ 2.9 billion, an increase of $ 2.1 billion from last year’s list. The fortune of Trump, the former president, currently stands at just $ 2.5 billion.

Trump is not the only one who has found himself out, alongside 51 other rich people. Of those, 31 of the people who were fired were actually richer compared to last year, but that still hasn’t helped them sneak into the rankings. Within this bunch can be found tobacco billionaire Brad Kelly and CEO of Columbia Sports and Travel Products Company, Timothy Boyle.

While the latter two have significantly increased their fortunes in the past year, they have been left out due to new rich people like Brian Armstrong, founder of the cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase, or George Kurtz, founder of the rising cyber company CrowdStrike.

Here are some notable dropouts from the prestigious list

Oprah Winfrey

Estimated value: $ 2.6 billion

Domain: Entertainment and Media

The well-known presenter and entertainment woman first starred on the list in 1995, when her fortune was estimated at $ 340 million. Today, it has swelled to $ 2.6 billion consisting mainly of many assets and large real estate transactions it has made over the years, its shares in a weight watch company as well as the successful media network that bears its name and includes daily plans, website, related products and more.

Oprah recently interviewed Prince Harry and his wife Megan Merkel in an exclusive interview, for the first time since announcing their retirement from the British royal family during a media outlet dubbed ‘The Magazine’. The special caught the attention of over 70 million viewers worldwide and earned the veteran media woman a nomination for the Emmy Award.

John Paul DeJuria

Estimated value: $ 2.8 billion

Area: Hair Products, Tequila

The billionaire who made his fortune from a line of hair care products – did not enter the list this year even though he was relatively close to the entry threshold. DeJuria founded Paul Mitchell in 1980, then became the founding partner of tequila company Patron in 1989. In 2018, the billionaire sold 70% of his share in the alcohol company to a rival company in Cardi. The value of the deal is estimated at $ 5.1 billion.

DeJuria still holds most of the shares in Paul Mitchell, whose profits were significantly affected this year due to the closure of hairdressers around the world in the shadow of the epidemic spreading. After all, the billionaire’s fortune has skyrocketed by $ 100 million in the past year but that has still not been enough for him to win a place in the rankings. This is the first time the billionaire has been absent from the list since he first appeared on it in 2008.
Doris Fisher

Estimated value: $ 2.8 billion

Domain: Clothing

The co-founder of the popular clothing chain Gap made her list debut in 1990, but dropped out in 2005 and 2007. This year, too, it does not appear in the rankings despite a 99% jump in the value of the company’s stock over the past year. Fisher owns about 5% of the company, which increased its capital by $ 500 million this year, to an estimated total value of $ 2.8 billion. Fisher’s son, John, was ranked 389th this year.

Trevor Milton

Estimated value: $ 1 billion

Domain: Electric cars

The founder of the electric truck company Nikola lost $ 2.3 billion this year, after the company’s stock plummeted following accusations against the founder regarding lying about the capabilities of the technology he created. Last July, the U.S. administration accused Milton of fraud, and Milton is now fighting for his innocence. Nicola was issued in June 2020, and this year Milton starred on the list with an estimated value of $ 3.3 billion. His fortune has now plummeted by about 70%, leaving him out.

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