The Minister for the Care of the Village, Milan Krkobabić, stated today that the task of the society as a whole is that in the coming period all people over 65, most of whom are women from the village, and who do not have a pension or other income, get the opportunity to be beneficiaries. socially-guaranteed pensions.

At a gathering in Nova Crnja, organized on the occasion of the International Day of Rural Women, which is celebrated every year on October 15, the Minister said that this is something that Serbia must introduce, as well as that it is an imperative of the times we live in and something they do. surrounding countries. “For women in the countryside, the minimum amount of 100 euros that we propose will be useful, but above all, it will confirm the necessary personal dignity. raising children, working in the household and taking care of their families “, stated Krkobabić.

He added that the fate of Serbian villages depends on women.

“If young women and girls decide to stay in the villages, to start families there, then we won the battle, then the village will live. If we want the village to live, we need to create an environment for young women to engage in entrepreneurship, rural tourism, to establish cooperatives. , to have their own sources of income and to be in a position to plan, agree and decide “, Krkobabić pointed out.

The meeting was addressed by the President of the Academic Board of SANU Dragan Skoric, as well as members of the National Team for the Revival of Serbian Villages, agroeconomists Zorica Vasiljevic and Vladimir Goati, directors of rural women’s associations from several municipalities and the leadership of this municipality and Central Banat administrative district.

The International Day of Rural Women, which falls on the eve of World Food Day, has been celebrated since 2008 and pays tribute to the role of rural women on October 15 each year. The day recognizes the importance of rural women in advancing agricultural and rural development around the world, the ministry said in a statement.

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