Ita’s strategy for not being a new Alitalia

Friday was the first day of operation for Ita Airways which, guarantees CEO Fabio Lazzerini, will be the “Italian flag carrier” Lazzerini added: “we must deserve to be the flag carrier” –

The pillars of the plan

The three pillars of the new Ita plan are: profitability, sustainability and connectivity. Lazzerini underlined: “Profitability represents an immense discontinuity” compared to the past, he added. Then there is economic, environmental and social sustainability. And then connectivity, the country was underserved especially on intercontinental routes “.

The new logo

The new Ita logo will be ‘Ita Airways‘, Lazzerini says again. The new logo aims to “maintain the logic of a strategic component without forgetting the glorious past”. On the purchase of the Alitalia brand, the CEO explained that “it respects the logic of do not disperse the past value. It allows us to manage the brand and we will do it for some time. ”

EU penalizes us on slots

“The slot issue” in the negotiations with the EU “has damaged us a lot”. “Of all the airlines only we are the only ones who have to fly them all 100% or we lose them. And this is a cost”, explained Lazzerini, “if you don’t fly them, you lose them”.

Beware of taxpayers’ resources

“We must demonstrate to the Italian taxpayers, who are our main shareholders, that we will be attentive to the use of resources”, remarked the president of Ita Alfredo Altavilla, adding that “economic profitability is what governs our every decision”. Ita’s goal is not to minimize losses. This was stated by the executive chairman of Ita Alfredo Altavilla explaining that “it would be a defeat for me, the management and the shareholder. It is not our goal”.

Alliances by 2022

On alliances “I am agnostic, I look in any direction where there is the possibility of creating value for Ita”. President Alfredo Altavilla said this, explaining that “we will begin work next week” with the aim of “closing by 2022”.

I hope there will be an agreement with the unions soon

“I am sorry for the agreement not made but confident that thanks to the progress made in recent days we will be able to sit back at the table,” said Altavilla regarding the negotiations on the contract with the unions.

The team

The Ita Airways team is made up of 2,800 employees, of which 1,250 are staff and 1,550 flight personnel. As of today, around 30% of hires come from the market and 70% from Alitalia, mainly concentrated on flight personnel. In 2022 the personnel of the aviation perimeter will grow by 1,000 units to reach 5,750 people in 2025. This is stated in the note on the start-up of the new company. All Ita Airways staff will share an individual performance bonus based on the achievement of the company’s profitability and customer satisfaction objectives.

Purchase of the brand to guarantee Alitalia salaries

“The money from the brand was needed to keep the commissioner management alive, which means first of all paying salaries to people who will not come to work in Ita”, explained Altavilla. “In my head, the Ita Airways brand has always been there. But there has also always been the need to buy the Alitalia brand. The Alitalia brand could not belong to anyone other than the new national airline of this country. The brand – added the manager – carries with it a story that is the story of people we wanted to respect and make evolve and in this sense we use the same colors and the reference to the original Alitalia brand “.

It is already a clash with politics

Ita’s management had the merit of rejecting all political pressures. This was stated by the president of Ita Alfredo Altavilla. “We have freed ourselves from political interference” and the requests “have all been rejected,” he added. The reaction of the Democratic Party was immediate: “President Altavilla should have respect for Parliament. His utterances on alleged ‘political interference’ are unacceptable”, they say Debora Serracchiani, Pd group leader in the Chamber, e Davide Gariglio, group leader in the Transport Committee at Montecitorio.

“If it speaks of undue, or worse illegal, interference, you immediately explain it. If, on the other hand – continues a note – it refers to the requests contained in the motion approved by the Chamber of Deputies on Tuesday 5 October, among which there is the request to reach a contract company, to comply with the law on recruitment and to comply with the provisions of the national sector contract, then this statement would denote an unacceptable contempt towards politics and institutions – underline the exponents of dem – by an administrator of a State company “.

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