The economy of “beauty” is worth 17.2% of the Italian GDP

The economic system of Italian beauty, that is the historical, artistic and cultural heritage, the naturalistic and landscape one, the services connected to them (such as transport and hospitality) and the production of the Madein Italy design-driven sectors, overall, contributes 17.2% to the Italian GDP (of which 6% derives from the use of the cultural and landscape heritage) and includes 341,000 companies with a total annual turnover of 682 billion euros.

This is what emerges from the research “The economy of beauty”, developed by the Banca Ifis Research Department, presented at the conference “Restarting from beauty” in Città della Pieve.

“Beauty represents a real strategic resource for planning the future in a sustainable and collaborative way, a strategic resource made up of projects and processes, but also of responsibility and solidarity”, declared Ernesto Fürstenberg Fassio, vice president of Banca Ifis.

“In Italy you can breathe the beauty of the natural blend of art, landscape, nature – underlined the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia – Years ago talking about slow tourism was utopia, romantic thought. Today slow tourism runs; and brings us back to the villages, also thanks to walks, wine tourism, historical trains. There are many growing sectors that have one feature in common: the (re) connection with nature, Beauty “.

“Today’s conference comes at an important time with the country committed to resuming growth; and brings together different disciplinary and political skills that discuss how to enhance the cultural and artistic identities of our territories as a fundamental resource to emerge from the emergency and to start a new sustainable development for the environment, the economy and for people ” , underlined the president of the CNEL Tiziano Treu.

For the president of Federturismo Confindustria, Marina Lalli, “a year and a half after the start of the pandemic with tourism businesses still in great pain, in full reconstruction and restart, culture, creativity and beauty, which are the keystone for many productive sectors, they can once again play a central role in the Italian economic and social recovery. We have an Italy that with its talents, its heritage and its territories is able to speak to the world, but in order to accelerate the direction of change, a shared path is essential and the right investments are needed to make the best use of resources. that we have and to make the country take a decisive leap forward. However, we must do it now while important reforms, such as the fiscal one, are under discussion “.

“We wanted this meeting – said Maria Carmela Colaiacovo, president of the Italian Association of Confindustria Alberghi – because it is necessary to look ahead, think about restarting and certainly beauty in its broadest sense is important for the recovery of the sector. The hotel world is still heavily penalized by the long months of stoppage and the absence of international tourism, but alongside the aid still necessary for the companies in the sector we must build the tourism of tomorrow “.

“The Italian economy and our exports, after the recovery – explained the director general of the Ice Agency, Roberto Luongo – have exceeded the rosiest expectations and speaking, right now, of beauty helps to emphasize it even more. The Ice-Agency with its promotional support and assistance to Italian companies contributes daily to promoting this concentration of beauty on international markets: from the production of excellence in design, fashion, agri-food, from craftsmanship and know-how to high technology. And everything is closely linked to the beauty that surrounds us and to the culture and traditions that have always accompanied us. Beauty is an integral part of our history and our lifestyle, which the whole world envies us, so we must look for to tie all these factors together more and more to ensure that our country as a whole is still and always the most beautiful country in the world “.

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