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The trading day on Wall Street closed with a mixed trend. The Nasdaq was up 0.8 percent, while the Dow was down slightly.

Notable increases recorded Facebook, Modern, Tesla , Sentinel Van , Fuel-Basket, Zim and Solaredge.


A mixed trend on Wall Street. The NASDAQ index is up 0.6%, while the Dow Jones is down slightly.

The yield on 10-year US government bonds stands at 1.58%.

Significant increases record Tesla, Modern , Facebook , Sentinel One, Macy’s and AMD. On the other hand, Disney Records a sharp decline against the background of Barclays’ downgrade of a stock recommendation.


European stocks closed down as much as 0.8% in stock indices. On Wall Street a mixed trend with a tendency to rise.

In the crypto market, Bitcoin jumped 2.7% and traded around $ 62,200 and Etherium traded steadily around $ 3,780.


A mixed trend in New York. The Nasdaq index is trading steadily and the Dow Jones is down slightly.

Prominent increases are recorded Zim , Fertility, Cyberark andSentinel Van .

Company Check Cap , A company in clinical development in the field of medical diagnostics that develops C-Scan ®, the screening test for polyps in the colon before they can become cancerous, announced today the increase in production capacity and expansion of C-Scan ® production line at the company’s facilities, including solving technical problems related to supplier The only one. The significant expansion of the production line is intended to support the company’s preparations for its pivotal trial in the US, which is expected to begin towards the end of the first quarter of 2022.


New York Trading Week opened with 0.4% -0.5% declines in the leading stock indices. Tesla Continues to advance towards the publication of its reports this week.


Biomix The dual falls by 12% in pre-trade on Wall Street after reporting results from the second phase of the clinical study to treat acne, according to which the product has been proven to be safe and without side effects. We further noted that a statistically significant improvement was observed from the beginning in skin appearance prone to acne, but no significant difference was shown in terms of efficacy compared to placebo (or rather Vehicle, a version identical to the drug being tested but without the active ingredient). CEO Jonathan Solomon noted that this study included more test subjects than the first phase and tested the product (BX001) over a longer period, “so we were pleased to see that it maintains an excellent safety profile. However, we are disappointed that it has not shown a significant difference compared to placebo in terms of effectiveness. ”

Dario Heath Operating in the field of digital health services (DTx), today announced the launch of Dario Move, a new digital physiotherapy solution for managing common skeletal and muscle problems leading to significant costs for employers and health care programs. The solution will be unveiled at the HLTH 2021 Health Conference.


The declines in Europe continue and even deepen. The DAX is down 0.6%, Potsy is down 0.3% and Kak is down 0.9%. Even the stock exchanges that recorded slight gains at the beginning of the day are now trading in declines.

In London, the share of the aviation group stands out IAG Which loses 3.8%, in Frankfurt declines are recorded at Daimler , in Iyar , Convestro andVolkswagen .

In the crypto market, the gains recorded this morning were erased and now Bitcoin is trading around $ 61,000 – still a level almost 8% higher than last week. Heather is trading around $ 3,770, the DogeCoin stands out against the trend with an 11% increase to a level of 26 cents per unit.

Pre-trade stands out IceCure Medical The Israeli who jumps by about 10%, in parallel with the positive momentum she is recording here in Tel Aviv as well.


China’s trading closed more moderately than at the beginning of the day, with the Shanghai index down 0.1%, the Shenzhen index down 0.4% and the Hang Seng index erasing its declines and closing down without a significant change. On the other hand, the China 50 index weakened by 2.2%.

In Europe, the negative trend continues, although the stock exchanges in Lisbon, Zurich, Vienna and Stockholm have moved up slightly. Deutsche Bank stands out in Germany with a 2% increase, and both the Italian banks Investa San Paolo and the Spanish Santander are recording increases.

In the pre-trade on Wall Street, Zim stands out, climbing 3.6%, while Floristem and Mankind are down a similar rate. Further notable declines in early trading are to the detriment of Virgin Galactic and Medtronic.

Colmax Capital Markets has issued a strong buy recommendation toBank of America . Chief Analyst Dr. Ron Eichel notes thatThe results of the third quarter were better than forecast, as the Bank reduced the provision for loan losses and recorded record profits in asset management consulting. “The bank’s earnings jumped 58 percent to $ 7.7 billion, or 85 cents a share, while revenues rose 12 percent to $ 22.87 billion. The results were aided by the release of $ 1.1 billion in reserves, which led to an increase of $ 624 million after new provisions. Net interest income, a key figure for banks, soared 10% to $ 11.1 billion, surpassing market estimates to $ 10.6 billion. Technically, the stock is in a strong buying position for the coming week. The momentum indicator is positive. The support line is at $ 28.69. The resistance line is at the level of $ 63.42, “the review said.

The bank, too JP Morgan Chase Won a buy recommendation from Colmax Capital Markets, after announcing last week results of the third quarter that were better than expected. “The profit was supported by the release of $ 2.1 billion in reserves when the bank recorded $ 524 million in debt write-offs. Revenue across the U.S. rose 2% to $ 30.4 billion, mainly as a result of the growth in commissions in the investment and asset management banking divisions. Net interest income amounted to $ 13.2 billion and beyond market estimates to $ 12.98 billion. Technically, the stock is in a buying position for the coming week. The momentum indicator is negative. The support line is at $ 89.07. The resistance line is at the level of $ 178.76, “it was written.


The trading day on the European stock exchanges opened in a negative trend. The German DAX index is down 0.3%, the French Kak 0.7% and the British Potsy just 0.1%, thanks to gains by banks, investment houses and energy companies.

In Japan, the Nikkei index changed trend and closed with a nice increase of 1.6%. The oil company Infax jumped 4.8%, and Toyota, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda and Subaru also supported the index. In Hong Kong, the decline has moderated and now the Hang Seng Index is down about 0.5%.

In the futures segment, the declines are deep, the contracts for the Dow Jones and S&P 500 are down 0.2%, the contract for NASDAQ is close to 0.4%.


Trading on major Asian stock markets is declining this morning, with the Shanghai index down 0.3%, the Shenzhen down 0.9% and the Hang Seng down 0.6%. In Tokyo, too, trading is in a negative trend with a decline of about 0.3%, while in Australia and India there are slight increases.

The reason for the decline in the markets is mainly the disappointing GDP data released this morning, according to which China’s economy expanded in the third quarter by 4.9% on an annualized basis, while forecasts estimated growth of 5.2%. On a quarterly basis, the Chinese economy grew by 0.2% (compared to 0.5% forecasts). Industrial production data also did not live up to forecasts, increasing by 3.1% on an annual basis compared to a much higher forecast of 4.5%.

In the commodity market the trend is positive, with increases of 1% -1.5% in both types of crude oil. WTI oil trades for $ 82.9 a barrel, and Brent crude for $ 85.7. This has a positive effect on shares of energy companies in Asia, with the Japanese oil exploration company Infax soaring close to 5%, and in Hong Kong Petrochina is climbing 2%.

In the Wall Street futures segment, the trend is mixed but mostly negative. Contracts on the Nasdaq are down 0.3%, on the S&P 500 by 0.1%. Contracts on the Dow Jones are trading steadily, with slight ups and downs. In the US government bond market the screens are green. The yield on the 10-year bond soared to 1.61%.

Public companies in the United States are preparing to publish their quarterly results. Among the key reports to be published this week:

Tuesday’ – Johnson & Johnson And Philip Morris will post results before the trade opens, Procter & Gamble Post during the day, the content giant Netflix And United Airlines will announce at the end of the trading day.

Wednesday’ – Tesla Will publish at the end of the trading day, the communications company Verizon And the Dutch technology giant ASML , Which deals with semiconductors, will be published before the opening of trading. During the day too IBM Will post results.

Thursday’ – The cosmetics company L’Oreal And the fashion and perfume company Hermes Will publish results in France, Unilever and EnglandBarclays . In the US will publish the technology giant Intel (After the end of trading), PayPal, the communications company AT&T (before the opening of trading), the Mexican fast food chain Chiptola, American Airlines and more.

Friday’ – Reports will be published on Wall Street American Express , Royal Caribbean, Seagate Technologies and more, and in France the carmaker Renault Report its quarterly results.

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