– “I don’t want favoritism, but rules that are the same for everyone: if there are local administrations or airports that want to give incentives, they give them to everyone, even us. But if they don’t want to give them then don’t give them to anyone. I don’t find the disparity admissible. of treatment. During the covid the low cost airlines ran away, the Italians brought them back home to Alitalia“This was underlined by Alfredo Altavilla, president of the new public company Ita Airways in an interview on ‘Il Corriere della Sera’, referring to airport incentives for low cost airlines.

“When it is winter, low cost airlines cut frequencies and Alitalia stayed to fly. It’s not fair”, he adds. As for the incentives, Altavilla stresses that, since they are given to fly in small airports, as happens for low cost, if they are also paid to Ita “the same contributions maybe we will fly too”.

Regarding international alliances, Altavilla announces agreements “by 2022”, and specifies that it did not want to keep the Alitalia name for intercontinental flights, even if the brand is better known, because “most of the potential allies with whom we have discussed of the brand told me that Alitalia would have been a ballast in an alliance discussion. A discontinuity was necessary “.

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