Members of the Beyond Business business delegation of Bank Hapoalim and the Export Institute participated in the ADT fintech and cyber forum – the financial trading area of ​​Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

The forum was chaired by Bank Hapoalim Chairman Reuven Krupik and Bank CEO Dov Kotler, and was attended by leading Israeli businessmen alongside government officials and senior UAE businessmen.

Kotler, who opened the forum, said that “a year ago we signed the agreement and did not know what the future would bring. We fulfilled our promise and came here for the third time, and now it is time for you to come to us in Israel.”

Sabah al-Binali, head of the Gulf region at OurCrowd, announced in one of the panels that “Israeli fintech companies have a tremendous opportunity to invest in this field here.”

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Khalid al-Marzuki, KIZAD’s trade director, said: “We are the largest in the world in terms of the size of our trade centers. Over 550 square kilometers is like two-thirds of Singapore.”

He says, “We know how to give our customers their cost structure 50 years ahead. What will be the costs of electricity, water, structure and more. We are opening a new incubator for Israeli businesses that want to start their journey in the Emirates. Our incubator will appeal to large and medium and small companies. We will help them learn the market, get to know it and penetrate it. “

Roi Rahav (Photo: Perry Mandelbaum)

Meanwhile, as part of the strategy of the Abu Dhabi Ports Group and the Kizad Trade Center (the largest trade center in the Middle East), the company announced the establishment of an official representative office in Israel – Yokwe Technologies, owned by Roi Rahav, which will be the link point for businesses, manufacturers and exporters. Doby. In addition, the group hired the services of Kamir’s office, owned by Eli Kamir, to lead their media strategy in Israel.

Eli Kamir, Chairman and Owner of Kamir Office (Photo: Tomer Jacobson)Eli Kamir, Chairman and Owner of Kamir Office (Photo: Tomer Jacobson)

Eli Kamir’s office is one of the leading strategic consulting firms in Israel and handles large international clients such as the energy giant, Chevron, the IKEA chain, Mondzaliz, the largest snack and chocolate maker in the world that produces, among others, Oreo, Milka and Tobelron, as well as large biotechnology corporations.

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