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The day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange ended with gains. The NASDAQ and S&P 500 indices rose 0.7%, completing five days of gains, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average strengthened 0.6%.

The reporting season continues and major companies are showing strong performance in the third quarter of 2021. After the close of trading, Netflix reports will be published, the first to be reported among FAANG companies, which also includes Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google.

The stock of the insurance company Travelers presented reports in which it surpassed the forecasts and stood at the top of the Dow in the first hours of trading., Johnson & Johnson presented earnings per share that are 25 cents higher than the analysts’ forecasts. Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble also topped forecasts but its stock fell after reporting rising prices to cover rising commodity and freight prices and warned that inflation could continue.

Among Israelis, Teva rose 2.8%, Redhill jumped 12.7% and Zim jumped 7.5%. On the downside, marketing continues to decline and lost 2.9% and REE parted with another 2.6%.


Brent crude rose 1 percent, 87 cents, and a December delivery contract closed at $ 85.2 a barrel. In the background, there are reports that Russia has signaled that it will not increase its natural gas supply to Europe if it does not receive permission to start operating the Nordstrom 2 pipeline.


WTI crude was up 0.6 percent, 52 cents, and a November delivery contract closed at $ 82.96 a barrel.


Gold was up 0.3% and a contract for delivery in December closed up $ 4.8 at $ 1,770.5 an ounce.


Shares of space company Virgin Galactic weakened 0.8 percent after Morgan Stanley lowered its target price from $ 25 a share to $ 17 a share.

Alibaba jumps 4.5% after the Chinese internet giant announced that it had developed a chip to be used by its data center servers.

Of the Israelis, Redhill jumps 18%, Zim jumps 7% and Teva advances 1.4%.


The European stock exchanges ended the trading day with a slight positive trend, in Frankfurt the DAX rose 0.3%, in London the Potassium 100 rose 0.2% while in Paris the CAC 40 closed steadily, on the negative side falling less than 0.1%. The pan-European Stokes 600 Index was up 0.4%.


At the top of the Dow, Travelers is up 3% and Johnson & Johnson is up 2.5%, both following strong quarterly reports. Even at the top, Mark is advancing almost 2%, Walmart is adding 1.7% and Apple is strengthening by 1.4%. At the bottom of the Procter & Gamble index, it is down 1.7%, Wolgrins is down 1.3%, Nike is down 1.2%, Disney is down 0.5% and Goldman Sachs is down 0.4%.


The first Bitcoin mutual fund in the US rises 3% on its first day on the New York Stock Exchange. The ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF is traded under the symbol BITO.

The imitation fund does not hold the currency itself, but will monitor futures contracts, which are traded on the CME Stock Exchange in Chicago. This is how the issuing company responds to the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s fear of a cyber attack that will steal the underlying asset underlying the fund. One of the main innovations is that it will be open to all investors, not just institutional investors or qualified investors.


Trading day on the New York Stock Exchange opened in a positive trend and increases of about 0.3% are recorded in the leading indices.

Bitcoin continued to strengthen and traded above $ 63,150, ahead of the start of trading in the first basket of digital currency in the US.

Of the Israelis, Zim jumps 6%, Solaredge and Weeks cost 2.5. On the downside, Siren is down 2.4% and singles are down 2.9%.

10-year US government bond yields rise to 1.61%. The dollar weakened 0.3% against the currency basket and lost 0.1% against the Japanese yen to 114.2 yen per dollar. The pound is up 0.6% at $ 1.38 to the pound and the euro is up 0.3% to $ 1.16 to the euro. WTI oil retreated 0.2% and traded around $ 82.3 a barrel and Brent oil lost 0.1% and traded around $ 84.2 a barrel. Gold is up 0.8% at $ 1,780 an ounce.


Macro USA: Construction starts were down 1.6% in September from August, well above forecasts of a 0.3% drop, after a sharp 3.9% increase in the previous month. The number of construction starts was 1.555 million, compared to a forecast of 1.621 million. The number of building permits fell by 7.7% to 1.589 million, compared to the forecast for a decrease of 3.4%.


While on European stock exchanges trading is quiet and conducted without significant shifts in most markets, contracts on the main Wall Street indices signal slight increases in the opening of trading in about an hour and a half.

Tremor The Israeli strengthens by 5% in pre-trade, andJohnson & Johnson Increases by 1% after publishing its quarterly results, according to which it slightly surpassed the forecasts in the market and raised the forecasts for the entire year. The pharma company posted a net profit of $ 3.7 billion in the third quarter, with adjusted earnings at $ 2.6 per share, 25 cents more than analysts’ expectations. Sales grew more than 10%, but missed forecasts as they stood at $ 23.3 billion compared to expectations of $ 23.7 billion. The company raised its full-year earnings forecast to $ 9.77-9.82 per share, while the July forecast was for $ 9.6-9.7 per share.

also Procter & Gamble Has published quarterly results. The consumer goods giant surpassed forecasts by just 2 cents and posted earnings of $ 1.61 per share. The company retreated slightly in pre-trade.


Trading in Europe is on a mixed trend at the moment, with key indices, including Dax, Potsey and Kak, trading unchanged. In Amsterdam, Madrid, Lisbon and Stockholm there are price increases, while in Zurich the trend is negative.

In China and Hong Kong, trading closed higher: the Shanghai Composite rose 0.7%, the Shenzhen 1% stronger and the Hang Seng 1.3%. Shiomi ended the day up 5.3%, Bank of China advanced 1.5%.

U.S. oil (WTI) rose 1% to $ 82.5 a barrel, while Brent crude rose 0.6 percent to $ 84.9 a barrel. Gold also continues to climb.

In the crypto market the gains are moderate, and Bitcoin is hovering around $ 62.2 thousand per unit.


Trading in Europe opened without significant fluctuations, with most key indices trading relatively stable. In London, the IAG airline group stands out, which is down 2.6%, while in Frankfurt there are increases for Puma and Adidas.

In the futures segment, the trend turned upwards, with contracts on the three major indices trading at an increase of about 0.1%. The US bond market has seen slight declines.

In the commodity arena, price increases are strengthening, with WTI crude oil rising 0.7% to $ 82.2 a barrel and Brent crude oil rising 0.5% at $ 84.8 a barrel. Gold continues to advance and is priced at about $ 1,780 an ounce.


Trading in Tokyo closed up 0.6%, with the Softbank Group up 3%. The oil search company Infax lost 3.8%.

There is no significant volatility in the crypto market, and Bitcoin is trading relatively stable at around $ 62,000. The new ETF on Bitcoin futures will be launched today, under the symbol BITU.


Asian stock trading is up slightly this morning, with the Nikkei up 0.6%, Shanghai up 0.7%, Shenzhen up 0.9% and Hong Kong up 1.1%. There are also increases in Taiwan and South Korea.

Softbank Group is up more than 3% in Tokyo, and while most of the shares in the index are down slightly, strong gains for Nippon, Rakoten, Kawasaki and Mitsui provide a boost. In Hong Kong Shiomi stands out with an increase of 4.7%.

The Wall Street futures segment is stable, with minimal ups and downs. Trading in the US government bond market is also stable, with the yield on the 10-year bond standing at 1.58%. Yesterday, US production was reported to have fallen by 1.28% in September.

Today’s reports will be published Johnson & Johnson , Philip Morris , Procter & Gamble And the content giant Netflix – which will publish its results only at the end of the US trading day. Also the results of the airline United Airlines Will be published tonight.

Oil prices are slightly up to $ 81.8 a barrel of WTI oil and $ 84.3 a barrel of Brent oil. Gold is up 0.6% at $ 1,776 an ounce. Natural gas loses 1%, to a price of $ 4.93 per unit.

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