Slavko Carić: Financial institutions have significant investments in data protection of their clients

The company, and especially the financial institutions, have large investments in the data protection systems of their clients, said the president of the executive board of Erste Bank in Serbia, Slavko Carić.

At the opening of the second conference on security risk management and financial crime, organized by Erste Bank under the slogan “Securing the Future”, he pointed out that in step with the development of technologies, the ways and methods used by fraudsters are being developed.

“That is why it is very important that we follow the new trends in protection against cybercrime and that we continuously improve them,” Caric said. At the conference, representatives of banks, the Association of Serbian Banks, state institutions, audit firms, as well as experts in the field of physical and information security discussed cybercrime, social engineering and risk management of financial crime, digital forensics.

It was pointed out that frauds are becoming more sophisticated and more difficult to spot, and that through timely exchange of knowledge and experiences, all relevant actors can gain insight into the practices of other companies and institutions, learn about new methods and be ready to react adequately if cyber attacks occur.

The head of the Information Security Service in the Association of Serbian Banks, Darko Sehovic, said
that by joining the Financial CERT, banks will have the opportunity to form a central database that will help all individual institutions to respond faster and more efficiently to cyber incidents.

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