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Trading on Wall Street is now on a mixed trend, as the NASDAQ index loses 0.2% following declines of PayPal , The Dutch chip giant ASML Which missed market forecasts in sales (but overtook them in profits), Netflix andBooking . Tesla Traded steadily towards the publication of the reports upon completion of trading.

Among Israeli stocks on Wall Street, Redhill stands out with a 6% increase, Icecure rises 5%, Mankind At 4.8% andRisked At 4%. On the other hand, Biomix Loses almost 7%, Protalix andCompugen Retreat by 5%, Productivity Network andOrmed Decreasing by 4%, Solaredge , Stratiss , SimilarWeb andLivePerson Weakened by 3% each.


Stock Redhill The Israeli continues in the rally, and after leaping more than 13% yesterday, she is currently climbing close to 9%. On Tuesday, it was reported that the company’s CEO, its CFO and other senior executives had purchased shares of the company totaling nearly $ 1 million.

PayPal continues to lose ground and is already down 4.5%, stock NASDAQ Inc. Cut by 5% andNetflix Down 2% after publishing reports last night and surpassing analysts’ forecasts.

Tesla Traded at a slight increase of 0.2% towards the publication of its quarterly results after the end of the trading day.

In the crypto market, price increases continue, with Bitcoin trading for $ 66.4 thousand and Ether for $ 4,079. The solo currency jumps 11% to $ 172.


The fintech corporation PayPal is considering the acquisition of the social media company Pinterest at a value of $ 39 billion, reported in the American media. According to a Bloomberg post, PayPal contacted Pinterest regarding a possible deal at a potential price of $ 70 per share – a premium of 25% compared to the market price of the stock at the close of trading last night, about $ 56. Stock Pinterest Soars above 10% in higher-than-usual trading volume in light of market rumors, while the payments giant shares PayPal Loses 3%.


Trading in Europe closed slightly higher on most stock exchanges, following a change in trend as some of them traded downward throughout the day. The highest increase in the bloc was recorded in Lisbon, where the index strengthened by 1.5%. The DAX and POTSI indices closed steadily, with Kak up 0.6%.

In Frankfurt they stood out positively in Iyar , Siemens and Siemens Energy, Pharmaceutical Company soup And Deutsche Bank. In London, there have been nice increases for media companies Vodafone And British Telecom, lKingfisher , Unilever and the Barbary Group.

On Wall Street, the positive momentum continued, with a 0.3% increase for the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones, while the Nasdaq recorded a very slight increase. .

Crude oil prices rose again following the release of U.S. crude inventory data, which showed stocks fell by about 400,000 barrels a week earlier, while market forecasts predicted a 1.8 million barrel rise. WTI oil rose 0.4 percent to $ 82.7 a barrel. Brent crude costs $ 85.2 a barrel.


The ether currency also joins the celebration in the crypto market, crossing the $ 4,000 threshold per unit. The currency’s all-time high was recorded last May, reaching $ 4,167.

Bitcoin also continues to strengthen, also crossing the $ 66,000 threshold per unit.


Bitcoin is at an all-time high: it has crossed the $ 65,000 mark, and is now trading at around $ 65.5 thousand. This is an increase of 5% compared to yesterday and a jump of almost 18% compared to last week.

The highest rate at which Bitcoin has traded so far was last April, when it traded at $ 63,540.9.


Trading on Wall Street opened with very slight price increases. Netflix , Which published positive reports yesterday, did not list enough investors and the stock loses 3%.

IceCure Medical The Israeli, which is also taking off here in Tel Aviv, stands out with a nice increase after announcing the signing of an initial distribution agreement with Mobile SCANMED Systems for the exclusive sale of the ProSense system and consumables in Poland. .

In Europe, the shares of Volkswagen, Renault, Rolls-Royce and the IAG airline group stand out negatively, declining sharply in high turnover, partly against the background of the declines recorded today in the crude oil market.


Stephen Monier, Lombard Odeier’s chief investment officer, said in a review that “the UK’s economic boom is now facing rising inflation, while there are fewer tools for managing growth as the country faces supply and labor shortages, unstable labor markets and rising UK production and energy costs. “Post-Corona and Post-Brexit are looking to invest in structural solutions that will not lead to overheating of the economy.”

“The expectation of high interest rates is expected to support the British currency over the next three months. However, once interest rate hikes begin to halt growth, markets will shift their focus to the negative effects of Brexit on UK trade, weakening demand for the currency. “This is because most of the UK-focused international companies have not been hit by the shortage of workers and delays in the supply chain.


Bitcoin is trading steadily at around $ 64,000. Shai Datika, founder and CEO of the digital assets trading company inx: “Bitcoin is establishing itself as one of the strongest currencies and an investment asset in the investment portfolios of managing bodies, breaking a record, is no surprise. If in the past we talked about psychological barriers in the value, it seems that these have disappeared as if they were not. The field of digital currencies, receives recognition from the various regulators in the world and receives clear definitions of what is allowed and what is forbidden, such as separations between tokens that are currencies and tokens that are securities and derivatives. There is no doubt that the entire financial world On the blockchain. “

Avi Selma, CEO of the Israeli representative office of Hyposwiss, stated that “While regulatory bodies in Israel continue to lag behind, Bitcoin is breaking records one after another. There is no doubt that ups and downs will continue and there will always be skeptics versus ardent supporters. But when you look at the new gold in the form of bitcoin and global regulation that is slowly becoming clear to you – you see that this is a revolution in the traditional economy, a revolution in which countries that do not take part will find themselves outside the car accelerating its movement into the future. “


European Stock Exchange Day opened with a mixed trend. In trading on Wall Street indices, stability is evident with a tendency for declines.


Trading on the Asian stock markets is today in a mixed trend with an upward trend, with the Nikkei up 0.3%, Shanghai stable and Hong Kong up 1.2%. In trading in Wall Street indices, stability is evident.

A Brent oil contract is down slightly and Bitcoin is trading at around $ 64,000.

The interest rate in China remains unchanged – the interest rate is 3.85% per year.

The day of trading on the New York Stock Exchange ended last night with gains. The Nasdaq and S&P 500 indices rose 0.7%, completing five days of gains, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.6%.

The U.S. reporting season is advancing and last night after the end of trading in New York Netflix released its third-quarter 2021 financial statements in which it outperformed its earnings forecast. For the same quarter in 2020, the streaming giant posted earnings of $ 1.74 per share on revenue totaling $ 6.38 billion.

Today, Tesla will publish its results after the end of trading. The company is expected to post earnings of $ 1.57 per share.

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