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Screens in Europe are still red as most markets are down slightly, although the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is up 0.3% against the trend.

The Amsterdam index is supported, among other things, byUnilever , Which is strengthened by about 2.5% in a relatively high trading volume. The company, the international ice cream maker of Ben & Jerry’s that made headlines in recent months, said sales rose 2.5% in the third quarter, above analysts’ forecast for 2.2% growth. The rise of the stock is not strong enough to also support the Potsey Index in London, where it is Traded as well , And the index retreated 0.5%. Among other things, stock Lloyds Drags the British Potsy down with a 2.2% drop in the high trading volume of the index.


Bitcoin has returned to price increases and its price now stands at $ 66.3 thousand, about $ 2,000 more than its morning rate. Heather also soars and crosses the $ 4,200 threshold per unit.

Oil is down about 1 percent, and Brent crude is below $ 85 a barrel.

Colmax Capital Markets has issued a buy recommendation for the stock Goldman Sachs . According to Chief Analyst Dr. Ron Eichel, Goldman Sachs “has defeated the S&P 500 in the past year with a phenomenal return of 98%. The reports shattered Wall Street forecasts, both in earnings per share and in third-quarter earnings for the year. The company’s entry into the fintech field quickly will allow for flexibility and efficiency and will provide the bank with capabilities we have not yet seen. Technically, for the next week the stock is trading in a positive trend and has a Buy rating “.

Eichel added that global markets generated quarterly net revenue for Goldman of $ 5.61 billion, mainly due to strong performance in stocks, bonds, commodities and currencies. It will be interesting to see if you can keep the degree in the next quarter as well, “he concluded.


While price declines continue in European stock markets, Asian trading is locked in a mixed trend. After a negative close of the Nikkei earlier, Shanghai rose 0.2% and China 50 jumped 1%. The Hang Seng Index lost close to 0.5%, with Shiomi losing 1.5%, electric vehicle maker Gili down 1.7% and CSPC Pharma dropping above 3%. Ping shares soared more than 7% in high trading volume.


Trading in Europe opened in a negative trend, with declines of about 0.5% in most indices in the bloc. Significant declines are recorded among banks and investment houses, among them Lloyds And Barclays in London, Deutsche Bank In Frankfurt andSociety General in Paris.

Barclays Reported this morning a share-based gain of £ 1.45 billion in the third quarter, well above analysts’ forecasts that it would stand at £ 931 million. In the same period last year the profit was 611 million pounds.


Trading in Tokyo ended on red screens: the Nikkei down about 1.8%, with significant declines for car companies and banks. Softbank Group was down 2%, Mitsubishi Motors was down 2.6%, and silicon maker SUMCO was down 3.5%.

In the crypto market the bitcoin continues to retreat from the high it set yesterday, and is now trading around $ 64.7 thousand.

In the US government bond trading arena, there have been slight increases. The yield on the 10-year bond rises to 1.65%.


Trading in Asia is on a mixed trend this morning. While in Shanghai there are slight increases, the Hang Seng Index is down 0.4% and the Nikkei is down 1.5%.

In Tokyo, car companies Mitsubishi, Toyota, Honda and Suzuki lose about 2%, Isuzu drops by 3.9%. Mitsubishi Bank loses 1.2% in the highest trading volume in the index, Softbank Group falls by 1.5%.

Trading on Wall Street contracts is down 0.2% -0.3%. Yesterday we closed with a mixed trend, with high declines by payments giant PayPal and Dutch chipmaker ASML dragging the Nasdaq down. The S&P 500 and Dow Jones were up 0.3%.

Reporting season: The cosmetics company L’Oreal And the fashion and perfume company Hermes Will publish results in France, in England results are expected Unilever andBarclays . In the US will publish the technology giant Intel (After the end of trading), PayPal, the AT&T communications company, the Mexican fast food chain Chiptola, American Airlines And more.

PayPal It lost close to 5% yesterday following a report in Bloomberg on contacts for the acquisition of Pinterest (which in turn jumped more than 12%) for $ 39 billion.

Last night she posted Tesla The third quarter reports and beat forecasts, but while it posted a record net profit of $ 1.6 billion, revenue grew just slightly above some of the market forecasts and even missed other forecasts. The stock lost 1.6% in late trading.

Bitcoin is now trading around $ 65,000, after soaring to an all-time high yesterday and almost crossing the $ 67,000 threshold for the currency. Heather also joined the party and crossed the $ 4,100 line. The rally in the crypto market was mainly due to the start of trading in the basket fund that tracks bitcoin contracts (under the symbol BITO), which rose last night by about 3%.

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