A mixed trend in Europe, trading in Asia closed at positive rates

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Trading in Europe follows a mixed trend, the Dax index rises by 0.2%, and the European Stoxx index trades without significant change. The British FTSE and the French CAC are down 2% each.

The index of leading shares in Hong Kong closed up 0.2%.


Trade in Europe opened with a negative trend. The German DAX index loses about 0.1%, the British FTSE index weakens by 0.1%, and the French CAC index decreases by 0.2%. The pan-European Stoxx index loses 0.1% at the opening of trading.

The Nike index in Tokyo closed up 0.9%.


Trading in the Asian stock exchanges is going on a positive trend today, despite the increase in the level of tensions between the US and China.

in Hong Kong The leading stock index advancing by 0.1%, and the indexNicky in Tokyo increases by 0.8%.

Alibaba’s stock is down about 2% in Hong Kong trading after it published its quarterly reports yesterday (Thursday). The company beat analysts’ expectations in both revenue and net profit, but did not show growth compared to previous quarters.

Trading in contracts on US stock market indices shows slight increases. Today at 15:30 Israel time, the unemployment figures in the US for the month of July will be reported.

In the crypto market, Bitcoin is up slightly, trading around $23,100 and Ethereum trading around $1,700.

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