Tonight, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the US Ambassador, Anthony Godfrey, visited the works on the bridge over the West Morava on the Moravian Corridor from Pojat to Kruševac.

Vučić and Godfrey expressed satisfaction with the pace of work, and estimated that the highway will be extremely important for bringing new investors to Serbia.

Vučić said that he was extremely satisfied with the way work was organized during the night, as well as with the number of workers and machines, and emphasized that it would be the widest and completely digitalized highway.

“I am proud to be here tonight and to build everything and do everything,” he said.

He thanked, as he stated, American and Turkish friends for organizing the work “in an incredible way”. According to him, 2,700 people work there with 950 machines, in several shifts, and at night.

Vučić said that the problem is not only kovid and that I have “countless problems”. He stated that they belong to the prices of construction materials, which, as he pointed out, “jump because of the prices of energy”.

“We have problems with our quarries and wherever you turn … but these people meet all the norms, and it’s wonderful to be on the bridge over the West Morava,” he said.

He also reminded that the Moravian corridor will be 112 kilometers long and will connect half a million people.

“It will be the widest and fully digitized highway and a true masterpiece,” Vucic said, thanking the British government for supporting the project’s funding.

Godfrey expressed the expectation that the works will be completed as soon as possible, as well as satisfaction that the work is going well in the conditions of the corona virus epidemic.

“Congratulations to the Government of Serbia and Bechtel and Anka for continuing to work on this important project despite great challenges, the biggest of which is the Kovid pandemic,” he said.

He emphasized that “significant and wise investment in infrastructure brings the transformation of Serbia”

He stressed that “trade-friendly highways will make Serbia remain an important factor in the Balkans and Europe”.

“I am proud that Bechtel has decided to work in Serbia in the long run and that he will ensure that this project is completed to the highest standards and in the shortest possible time,” said the US ambassador.

He also assessed that the Moravian Corridor is important from several aspects, and included “connecting more than half a million people, not only technically but also practically”.

“The signal to foreign investors is also important that Serbia wants a fair game and top quality products, as well as that it is ready to support and realize very extensive projects,” he said.

He expressed confidence that the Moravian Corridor would “attract even more investment and cooperation with American companies”.


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