Assessment of the impact on the environment and social issues for the Belgrade – Niš railway

“Railway Infrastructure of Serbia” announced today that the Assessment of the impact on the environment and social issues of the construction project of the Belgrade-Niš high-speed railway has been completed.

The press release stated that this was done as part of the activities to secure financial resources for the realization of the construction project of that high-speed railway.

Assessment of the impact on the environment and social issues – disclosure package, were done for the Belgrade – Niš railway, as well as especially for the section Stalać – Đunis on that railway line.

In the next four months, these documents will be available on the premises and on the websites of “Railway Infrastructure of Serbia” and the City of Niš, as well as on the website of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

They also stated that in the past decade, the government of Serbia has set the comprehensive modernization of railway traffic as one of its priority tasks.

“The modernization of railway Corridor 10 is one of the main investments carried out by the government of Serbia in the railway sector,” the announcement states.

It is added that this is a transport route of exceptional national importance, because, as indicated, Corridor 10 connects Western and Central Europe with Greece, Turkey and the Middle East.

Until now, as it is recalled, a railway has been built for a speed of 200 kilometers per hour between Belgrade and Novi Sad.

It is also stated that its construction continued further towards Subotica, as part of the construction of the Belgrade-Budapest international high-speed railway.

“In the coming period, the Belgrade-Niš high-speed railway (about 243 kilometers long) will be built on the international railway Corridor 10, for speeds of up to 200 kilometers per hour,” the announcement states.

The construction of the high-speed railway and the modernization of railway Corridor 10 will significantly reduce the travel time between Belgrade and Niš, and the quality of services in passenger and freight traffic will increase.

This project will be managed and implemented by the “Railway Infrastructure of Serbia”.

It is expected to be financed through the Framework Loan with the European Investment Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, with the support of a significant EU grant, the statement added.

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