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Stock Tesla Continues to climb. Modern , On the other hand, registers a sharp decline.

Zim Purchased 7 ships in order to increase its maritime transport capabilities. The company announced today that during the month it purchased seven second-hand ships (built between 2007-2009) as part of a number of separate transactions. The vessels purchased include five ships of 4,250 TEU and two ships of 1,100 TEU, for a total value of approximately $ 320 million.


The trading day on Wall Street opened with a mixed trend. The Dow Jones is up slightly while the Nasdaq is down slightly.

Intel shares are falling amid disappointment with the company’s forecast for the current quarter.

also Snap Drops after the company warned that its growth is likely to be hurt mainly due to changes Apple has made to its operating system. At the same time, shares are also declining sharply Facebook andTwitter . also Productivity Network The Israeli, which operates in the field of Internet advertising, is falling.


Major European indices continue to rise – Kak rises above 1%, Dax rises 0.9% and Potsey adds 0.53% to its value.

Shares of cosmetics company L’Oreal rose 6% after the company published stronger-than-expected results for the third quarter of the year.

In the US, futures trading is on a mixed trend – Dow Jones and S&P are up 0.23% and 0.12% respectively, while NASDAQ is down 0.17%.

Stock Intel Crashes in early trading by over 10% after disappointing in last night’s earnings forecast.


A positive opening on the European stock markets, the French Kak index jumps by 1%, Dax is up 0.25% and Potsey adds 0.1% to its value. The pan-European Stokes 600 index is up 0.2%.

Mixed closing on most Asian stock exchanges, Nikkei up 0.34%, the Shanghai index deleted 0.34% of its value, the Shenzhen index rose by about 0.3%, Topix added 0.1% to its value and Hang Seng continues to rise at this time – by 0.44%.

Evergrand shares were up 4.26% at the last trading day.


A reversal of a trend in Asian stock markets towards the close, the Shanghai index in China drops 0.15% of its value, and Kospi in South Korea falls by 0.24%. Nikkei in Japan continues to rise, by 0.43% at this time, and Heng Seng is advancing by 0.154%.

Rises in Evergrand have weakened, adding 3.1% to their value at this time.


Trading on Asian stock markets is rising this morning, the Nikkei index in Japan is up 0.35%, Hong Kong’s Hong Kong is up 0.44% and in China, the Shanghai index is up 0.1%. The major indices in South Korea and Australia are also positive this morning.

Shares of Evergrand, a Chinese real estate company traded in Hong Kong that were the focus of sharp declines in Asian indices a few weeks ago, are up 4.26%. The company plans to repay one of the major interest payments on its bonds by October 23, Chinese media reported . To date, Evergrand has not repaid debts of at least $ 279 million.

Last night beyond the day in the US, the trading day on Wall Street closed with a mixed trend. The Dow Jones industrial average remained stable while the Nasdaq climbed 0.6%. The S&P 500 climbed 0.3% to a new high of 4,549 points.

The chip company Intel last night released quarterly reports and reported revenue of $ 19.2 billion in the last quarter, a 5% increase over the same quarter last year. The company expects annual earnings of $ 5.28 per share. At the current quarter, revenue is expected to be $ 18.3 billion and earnings of 90 cents per share. The disappointing forecast led to declines of up to 6% in the stock in late trading.

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