Rio Tinto: We do not do any research on lithium in the municipality of Kraljevo

The company Rio Tinto announced today that it is not doing any research in the municipality of Kraljevo, nor does it have anything to do with such possible research. near Loznica.

“As a multinational company whose shares are traded on stock exchanges in London, Australia and New York, Rio Tinto is obliged to provide appropriate information to the market and shareholders about all its material projects, regardless of the part of the world in which the project is implemented.” , it is pointed out in the company announcement on the occasion of the protest of several organizations which claim that Rio Tinto is conducting geological research on the territory of Kraljevo.

On the company’s global website, as well as in reports intended for the market and shareholders, which are also available on the global website, it is stated that the only project that Rio Tinto is implementing in Serbia is the “Jadar” project.

Rio Tinto is an international company operating in more than 35 countries and, as it was pointed out, it is very concerned that the public and all interested parties have accurate information about the company and the “Jadar” project.

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