Former president of the Trade Union of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS), Milan Djordjevic, said today that he did not recognize the decision of part of the union’s membership to dismiss him because he believes that most of them were blackmailed to vote in order to break up the union and hide the malversations of .

Djordjevic told Beta that today’s session of the Main Board of the EPS Trade Union was initiated by Grcic, who “blackmailed or bought” the president of the trade union organization “Kolubara”, Miodrag Rankovic, in order to break up the trade union that is dissatisfied with his management of that company.

“The main board has 55 members, of which 31 members were not physically present at today’s fake session in Obrenovac. The gathering was attended by 24 members and most of them were blackmailed, as was Ranković, who was fired after the meeting in Kalenić in May this year due to protests against stopping the construction of the thermal power plant ‘Kolubra B’ until its justification is determined, “said Djordjevic.

The trade union organization “Kolubara” announced today that after the protest organized by the EPS Trade Union led by Djordjevic due to Grcic’s decision not to deliver paid coal to the workers for the coming winter, it announced that it would not participate in the protest.

The statement also states that the Main Board of EPS workers held a session with 28 members who unanimously decided to recall Djordjevic and elect Radosav Krsmanovic from the trade union organization “Kolubara” from Lazarevac.

Djordjevic said that Grcic was abusing Rankovic in order to break up the union and to cover up malversations, corruption and wastefulness in EPS, where only about 33 million euros were spent on the renovation of furniture in the administrative building.

He said that it was incorrect that the workers and members of the “Kolubara” union did not participate in the protest today and that there were about 400 of them, and that a number had to work to ensure a regular supply of electricity to the citizens.

“Grcic spent a lot of money on the purchase of eavesdropping devices, thousands of bugs and cameras, so I call on the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, and the Minister of Police, Aleksandar Vulin, to investigate the purposes for which it is used and why software worth around two million euros was bought,” he said. Djordjevic.

According to Djordjevic, Grcic hired many former police inspectors for salaries of at least 200,000 dinars in order to perform internal control, and they are responsible only to him.

Djordjevic said that Grcic, with the help of internal control, carried out torture in EPS and punished disobedient workers by moving them to the lowest places according to the level of qualification.

He added that he did not care about the position of the president of the union because he fulfills the conditions for retirement, but that he would not give up the fight against the illegal waste of state money under the leadership of Grčić.

He reiterated that he calls on the competent institutions to check all public procurements and the manner of employment of workers in EPS, because the number of workers is growing uncontrollably.


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