Estimates of the cost of fighting “At Dawn”: 140-200 million shekels per day

The exact cost of hostilities in the Gaza Strip as part of Operation At Dawn is currently unknown, however, according to initial estimates, a day of hostilities cost the state more than a day of Wall Guard a year ago.

The cost estimate for Wall Guard ended up at 120 million shekels per day, while estimates for Operation At Dawn range from 140 million to 200 million shekels.

Among the price rise factors are inflation, additional costs for ensuring security measures inside the country, as well as the use of new expensive technologies that were not yet used in a combat situation a year ago.

In any case, the Treasury Department has made it clear that, unlike Wall Guard, all costs for the new operation will be covered by the Department of Defense budget, just as it was two years ago after Operation Black Belt. For the Guardian of the Walls, the Ministry of Finance transferred 1.4 billion shekels to the Ministry of Defense, the rest of the costs were covered from the budget of the Ministry of Defense.

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