For today’s edition of Politika, she estimated that in terms of gold production, Serbia will “get closer” to Finland as the largest European producer.

“The ‘Čukaru Peki’ deposit in the upper zone is one of the richest deposits of copper and gold ore in the world, and Zidja’s mining has invested $ 474 million in the new mine. Thanks to this project, Serbia will at some point become the second largest copper producer in Europe. Poland, and our share in the production of this ore will increase from five to 18 percent, “Mihajlović added.

According to her, copper, together with lithium, is one of the critical mineral raw materials that will be used in all new technologies that include decarbonization.

“Serbia has huge reserves of these strategically important metals, which is important for positioning in the world in the future. This is especially true of lithium, where the goal is for Serbia not only to be an exporter of raw materials, but to develop the entire production chain, including electric batteries and electric cars.” “, stated Mihajlović.

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