A short letter in the handwriting of Steve Jobs may sell for about $ 300,000

A one-page letter written by Apple founder Steve Jobs when he was 18 could sell for about $ 300,000-200,000. This is the assessment of the auction house Bonhams, which is expected to put the letter up for sale on November 3.

The letter is addressed to Jobs ‘childhood friend, Tim Brown, and was written on February 23, 1974, a day before Jobs’ 19th birthday. According to the auction house, this is the first letter in Jobs’ handwriting to be offered for auction.

The letter describes Jobs’ thoughts on Buddhism and his desire to travel to India to visit a religious festival. At the beginning Jobs writes: “Tim, I have read your letter many times. I do not know what to say. Many mornings come and go, people come and go, I loved and cried many times. But somehow, beneath everything, it does not change. Do you understand? “. Among other things, Jobs tells Brown that he is saving money for a trip to India, which he actually went on later that year.

Brown and Jobs attended home school together in California and remained in touch until Jobs’ death in 2011.

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