The ruling party seeks to alleviate the tax debts of non.profit entities and SMEs – Télam

The tax relief project was presented by the president of the lower house, Sergio Massa,

The Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies seeks to issue an opinion on a bill that seeks alleviate tax debts that non-profit entities have, such as volunteer firefighters, neighborhood clubs, foundations, community organizations, and MSMEs.

The initiative, which includes debts past due until last August, for a total amount less than $ 100,000, is part of the agenda that will be debated on Tuesday from noon in the first special session of the body after a year and a half.

The tax relief project was presented by the president of the lower house, Sergio Massa, and has the endorsement of the ruling party and the majority of the opposition.

The initiative, which seeks a tax relief and give a clear signal for the exit from the pandemic, establishes that tax, customs and social security debts of less than 100,000 pesos be forgiven for the entities that make up the National System of Volunteer firemen (SNBV), provided for by law 25.054, and any other non-profit entity, including community organizations registered as foundations, civil associations, simple associations and entities with municipal recognition.

In addition, it is proposed to forgive the debts of MSMEs and taxpayers of profits and VAT but who owe less than $ 100,000.

It also indicates that the cancellation covers the capital owed, compensatory and / or punitive interests and / or fines and other sanctions and does not include the following concepts: contributions and contributions destined to the National Social Work Scheme and the fees destined to the Risk Insurers of the Work (ART).

In this case, payment plans are proposed that They will have a term of up to 36, 60 and 120 installments, according to the type of debt or taxpayer.

In addition, the moratorium for the exit of the previous facility plan is extended, taking into account the overdue debt until July 31, 2020, while including debts from August 1, 2020 to August 31, 2021.

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