The President of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce (SCC), Marko Čadež, said today that the economy in the first half of 2021, through the Chamber, launched 41 initiatives towards the Government of Serbia and line ministries, of which 18 or 44 percent were successfully implemented.

He said at the session of the SCC Assembly that among the most important initiatives are direct budget support to the business of road passenger transport, harmonization of the list for cross.border movement of waste, continued export of plastic raw materials, subsidies for nightclubs and bars, promotion of fiscalization laws.

“After the crisis of 2020, the Serbian economy is returning to the field of expansive growth, and in 2021 the estimated growth rate of gross domestic product (GDP) is six percent, and in 2022 4.5 percent,” said Cadez.

Positive trends, according to Chadez, are the recovery of demand in the international market, relocation of European companies from distant markets, improving cooperation with the EU and the economies of the US, China, UK, Russia, as well as stronger integration of micro, small and medium sectors. enterprises (MSMEs) into regional and global supply chains.

The risks, as it was said at the session, are the third wave of the kovid.19 pandemic in the fall, the growth of the price of raw materials and transport, tensions between the world’s leading economies, possible growth of interest rates and the budget deficit.

Within the session of the Assembly of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, an exhibition of domestic products was organized, which are the bearers of the trademark “Čuvarkuća” in the project of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry “Created in Serbia”.

The project was launched a year ago, and more than 700 products received this trademark as a confirmation of quality and domestic origin.

At the session, 25 members of the SCC Management Board were elected.

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