Erkki Tuomioja considers Germany’s visa line justified: “Reducing contacts supports Putin’s propaganda”

Former foreign minister of Finland, vice-chairman of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee Erkki Tuomioja (sd) says that he considers Germany’s approach to Russian visas more justified than Estonia’s.

The government of Estonia decided this week to restrict visas for Russians. The decision is scheduled to enter into force on August 18. Estonia plans to raise the issue later in August at the EU tables.

Instead, the Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz assessed on Thursday that a general decision to stop issuing tourist visas to Russians would go too far in his opinion and that he would have difficulty planning such a measure.

According to Tuomioja, the breakdown of unity supports the Russian president Vladimir Putin goals.

“When the EU considers the visa regime for Russians, it is important to come to a common line. I consider Germany’s line more justified than Estonia’s. Reducing contacts supports Putin’s propaganda and takes away one life hole from the opposition,” he commented on Twitter on Sunday.

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