Serbian Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Tatjana Matic surprised tourist workers by saying that Greek travel agencies will return money to Serbian travel agencies for unrealized vacation trips in that country, and that domestic agencies will have to return it to citizens after January 15, 2022. , because none of the partners in that country even hinted to them.

The director of the National Association of Travel Agencies of Serbia (JUTA), Aleksandar Senicic, told Beta that travel agencies from Serbia rented capacities mostly from private owners, so they cannot expect Greek travel agencies to return the money, as Matic stated.

“Travel agencies have rented apartments in Greece mostly from private owners who do not have and do not want to return the money, and only a small number of agencies from Serbia have made arrangements with one of the largest travel agencies in Greece, Muzenidis, which has gone bankrupt.

As he said, three million euros remained in that Greek agency, which were paid by travel agencies from Serbia, and since it went bankrupt, it can hardly be expected to return the money.

Minister Matic wrote on her Instagram account on Monday that Greece has confirmed that there will be no extension of the Decree on Replacement Vouchers, so Greek travel agencies will have to return the money to Serbian travel agencies, ie Serbian citizens who did not use vouchers. She stated that she talked about it with her Greek colleague Vasilis Kikilias.

Senicic said that about 50 percent of the arrangement worth about 25 million euros remained unrealized, and that it would be best to extend the deadline for using vouchers until October 1 next year in order to use most of the remaining arrangements, and for unused vouchers. the state provides credit to agencies to repay money to those citizens who have given up using the service.

He said that Italy has extended the deadline for using vouchers for all tourists until 2023, and that there is a possibility to extend it even after that deadline.

“Insisting that travel agencies return the money they do not have would lead to a general breakdown of agencies, and then the question would be whether citizens could collect paid insurance,” Senicic said.

He added that the same problem is with unused vouchers for school excursions and recreational classes.


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