Farmers from Šumadija left for Belgrade with tractors
Farmers from Šumadija, who have been blocking the Kragujevac-Batočina expressway with tractors for the fourth day, and since last night also the entrance to the E 75 highway, formed a column of machinery and left for Belgrade at 3:45 p.m., N1 announced.They drive tractors along the old road (parallel to the highway) from Batočina, through Lapovo and Velika Plana to the Serbian capital.

“During the journey, colleagues from the blockade in Desimirovac near Kragujevac and others will join us. If no one stops us while driving, along with stopping at gas stations to refuel, we will be in front of the Serbian Government building between 9 and 10 p.m.,” Jovan Golubović, a farmer from Rača Kragujevacka, told N1.

He called on all associations, citizens, political organizations, and especially environmental associations to join them in the protest.

The intersection of roads near the Batocin entrance to the highway was unblocked, and about fifty tractor drivers from Šumadija set off for Belgrade from that location.

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