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Weaknesses in the positive trend in the last two hours of trading in New York. The S&P 500 moved into negative territory and closed down 0.4% and the Nasdaq closed steadily after rising for most of the day.

Significant increases were recorded on Monday, Microsoft, Google, Solaredge and Tesla. On the other hand, Snap fell by about 6%. also nature And productivity recorded sharp declines.


The yield on 10-year US government bonds drops sharply to 1.53%. In the crypto arena, Bitcoin is down about 5% and trades around $ 59,000.

Oil is also losing ground and a December contract for a WTI barrel is down 2.2 percent to $ 82.8.

Wall Street records General Motors Sharp decline after publishing reports. Dark Rises slightly ahead of the results tomorrow.


European stocks closed slightly lower. On Wall Street, the trend is mixed, with the NASDAQ index trading slightly higher and the Dow Jones on the other hand recording a slight decline.

Stock Solaredge Jumps by about 9% in parallel with sharp rises in the entire renewable energy sector in the US.

After you have joined Inmode Released reports for the third quarter yesterday, Oppenheimer notes that “results were even above the company’s forecast released on October 12, with strong annual sales growth, 58%. The company’s activity enjoys very positive momentum in light of the growing tendency to perform aesthetic treatments after 2020” “And look better both in reality and on screen (the” zoom effect “). Inmud’s management believes that the positive momentum will continue in the future, with strong sales in October, in line with the strong seasonality that characterizes the last quarter of the year. The company continues to expand its product portfolio. “We are also expanding our target markets beyond the aesthetics market. We are conservatively raising our forecasts for 2021 and 2022, and reiterating Outperform’s recommendation for an INMD share with a target price of $ 97.”


stock Coca-Cola , Alphabet And McDonald’s are recording sharp rises after reports released yesterday and today. also Tesla Prominent in a sharp rise. Twitter , On the other hand, falls by about 7%.

Among Israeli stocks, gains are noticeable Monday , Thyme and Pleiatica.


The day of trading on the US stock exchanges opened with slight increases in the leading stock indices.

Microsoft Stands out with a sharp rise after the good reports it published. Nature, on the other hand, is down slightly.

Company Kamtech Published its third quarter reports today and provided a positive outlook for the fourth quarter. The company topped third-quarter forecasts when it posted revenue of $ 70.7 million and non-GAAP net earnings per share of 45 cents, while analysts’ forecasts were for revenue of $ 70 million and earnings of 40 cents per share. Revenue for the quarter, $ 70.7 million, reflects 76.4% growth over revenue for the same quarter in 2020.

Dario Health today announced a partnership with Virgin Pulse, the world’s leading provider of human and digital healthcare and wellbeing solutions. As part of the partnership, Dario will provide Virgin Pulse with its next-generation digital solutions to employers and healthcare programs around the world.


nature Published its quarterly reports, according to which it missed forecasts in both the profit line and the revenue line. The stock initially responded with a 1% drop in pre-trading on Wall Street, but is now actually strengthening 0.1%.

The company reported revenue of $ 3.9 billion. Earnings per share on a GAAP basis were 26 cents Earnings per share and on a non-GAAP basis reached 59 cents. For the full year, the company expects $ 16-16.4 billion in revenue and net earnings per share of $ 2.5-2.7. Its cash flow at the end of the quarter was $ 795 million, and its full-year forecast is $ 2-2.3 billion.

Futures trading is on a mixed trend, with NASDAQ contracts down 0.1%, S&P 500 contracts trading steadily and Dow Jones contracts up 0.1%.


European exchange rate declines continue, with the DAX declining 0.4% in light of a sharp decline in Deutsche Bank , Which falls by 5%. Potsey and Kak are down 0.3%.

French payments company Wordline cut 7% after releasing its third-quarter reports. The company reported revenues of 960 million euros – an increase of 8.3% compared to last year, but below analysts’ expectations of 1.3 billion euros.

In China, the indices closed down earlier. The Shanghai index lost 1%, the Shenzhen fell 1.1% and the Hang Seng 1.7%. Petroleum companies Petrochina and China Petroleum stood out with declines of about 2%, while Shiomi, Alibaba, Tencent and electric vehicle maker Gili also declined.

In the foreign exchange market, the dollar is weak against most currencies. Its exchange rate is now around NIS 3.19 per dollar.

The crypto market is also declining, and Bitcoin is now losing about 5% to $ 59,000. Heather has lost about $ 200 since this morning and is trading for $ 4,000. The return currency does not continue to soar by tens of percent, and in fact doubled its value compared to last week.


European stock markets opened in a negative trend, but declines are moderate. The DAX is down 0.1%, with Deutsche Bank standing out with a 2.8% drop. The German bank posted positive results in the net profit line, but the investment bank’s revenues fell by 6%. Weighing the bank’s total income, this is an increase of 2%, but as stated, this is not enough for investors who were disappointed with the results and now the share is falling.

The Nikkei index erased the declines it recorded and closed with no significant change. Tokyo Electric Company cut more than 6%, Canon lost 5.8%. The company yesterday released preliminary results for the third quarter, in which it reported a net profit of $ 440 million, 42 cents per share. Its revenue was $ 7.4 billion.

In China, the negative trend continues. The Shanghai Composite Index is down 1%, the Shenzhen 1.1% and the Hang Seng 1.7%.


Deutsche Bank Shows the fifth consecutive profitable quarter despite the decline in trading revenue. The bank reported a net profit of 194 million euros in the third quarter, while market forecasts estimated a net profit of 135 million euros. This is despite the fact that the bank reported a decrease in the income of its investment unit.


Asian stock markets are trading lower this morning, with the Nikkei index down 0.4%, Shanghai down 0.9% and Shenzhen 1.1% down. In Hong Kong, the decline stands at 1.5%, with energy companies mainly leading the declines – CNOOC, Petruchina and China Petroleum. Shiomi and Alibaba are also losing ground. In the Nikkei index, the declines of the Tokyo Electric Company, Canon, Softbank and Nippon are leading.

Oil prices weakened 0.5% this morning, to $ 84 a barrel of WTI oil and $ 85.2 a barrel of Brent oil. Gold is also trading down slightly around $ 1,790 an ounce.

The crypto market is relatively stable in the major currencies, with Bitcoin trading at $ 61.1 thousand and Heather around $ 4.2 thousand. The “return is not” currency continues to strengthen and jumps by 26%, thus completing an increase of about 90% within a week. The currency has reached a market value of $ 20 billion, which places it in 11th place in the currency table. Its price is still minimal – $ 0.00005285.

The Israeli pharmaceutical manufacturer nature Will publish its third quarter results today. Yesterday, the company’s share was cut by 7% after reports that Novartis Prepared for sale by Sandoz, Teva’s competitor in the generic market. In the late evening, after the end of trading on Wall Street, Teva announced a strategic partnership with MODAG for the licensing and development of a dedicated drug for degenerative diseases of the nervous system.

Reports are also expected to be published today Coca-Cola , McDonalds , Boeing , General Motors, Ford Motors, eBay, and more.

Last night, among other things, reports were published Alphabet (Google’s parent company) and Microsoft, both surpassed the forecasts. Google posted $ 27.99 earnings per share in the third quarter, compared to expectations of $ 23.48 and revenue of $ 65.1 billion, compared to forecasts of $ 63.3 billion. Microsoft Reported revenue of $ 45.3 billion in the last quarter compared to expectations of $ 43.9 billion (a jump of 22% compared to last year), and earnings per share were $ 2.71 compared to the forecast for 2.08 (48% more than in the same period last year).

In conclusion, the Oppenheimer investment house began to survey the stock Wellness The Israeli (VLN), a manufacturer of fast communication chips for the audio / video and automotive markets, on the recommendation of Outperform with a target price of $ 12. “The company now generates more than 90% of its revenues from traditional audio / video (AV) markets, but anticipates the significant growth potential in the automotive market, which is expected to show an average annual growth of over 100% in the coming years, reaching a share of about 40% of total sales Until 2024 “, the stock review said.

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