Zidjin Mining: Doing business in compliance with the laws of Serbia and respecting the interests of the local community

The Bor-based company Srbija Zijin Mining (Serbia Zijin Mining) said today that it conducts its primary business in Serbia in accordance with all applicable laws and with due regard for the rights of the local populace and community, as well as when purchasing property and structures.

The corporation claimed that it had repeatedly made it clear that the process of purchasing land only occurs with the voluntary cooperation of the plot owners, at a cost set by qualified court experts, boosted by a bonus of 100%, and at a price of 50,000 dinars per cadastral plot.

According to the Chinese firm, 870 residents who willingly agreed to sell their property to the company, “just under these conditions, more beneficial for property owners, the company executed contracts with them.”

A double increase in the price of square meters of land was caused by the general rise in market prices, they continued, adding that they also respected all the changes from the prior time.

According to the company, “the prices of a square meter of land, depending on the type, have increased up to seven times from 2017.” For example, the price of a square meter of pasture (4th to 8th class) has increased by almost 700 percent, while the price of a square meter of forest and field (1st to 8th class) has increased by 689 percent.

Zidjin claimed that when it came to construction facilities, he paid the so-called replacement value rather than the true market price for sites with abandoned and deteriorating buildings.

In order to demonstrate, as they put it, “at any moment, the readiness for cooperation and the desire to maximally respect and protect the interests of the local population,” they explained that they were paying the costs of constructing a brand-new building in the same square footage at a different, replacement location.

According to the release, the company “always works to develop a quality relationship and cooperation with the social community, with the purpose of a better life for all its members, especially the local population.” The company is “focused on the requirements of both individuals and society.”

They said that by funding many infrastructure projects as well as initiatives in the areas of sport, health, education, and research, among others, “they demonstrate the initiative to establish new societal values through collaborative efforts and continuously enhance living conditions.”

The announcement reads, “Serbia Zidjin Mining will continue to respect the needs of all members of the local community, of which we believe we are equal part, and above all a benevolent partner and wholehearted support, as a serious, socially responsible company that has invested close to 2.5 million dollars in the development of the community to date.

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