The strike committee of the Kragujevac factory Fiat Plastic called on the Minister of Labor today for an emergency meeting and to get involved in solving the problem of violating the law and workers’ rights in that factory as soon as possible.

An open letter to Darija Kisić Tepavčević states that at that meeting the Strike Committee wants to inform the Minister about the problems in the company, and in the desire to change the situation and for the state to ensure respect for the law and workers’ rights.

They reminded the Minister of Labor that the workers of the company Fiat Plastic are leading the fourth strike, due to low wages and because the employer constantly violates the labor legislation.

The strike committee pointed out that the employer had sent 13 employees, including all members of the strike committee, on paid leave.

“We were sent on paid leave by verbal notification, without making written decisions, which is also a violation of the Labor Law, and yesterday the president of the Strike Committee and his deputy were forbidden to enter the factory while the strike lasts,” reads the open letter.

It is added that in the middle of the strike, Fiat Plastic moved part of the machines to the Fiat factory (FCA) and called on other workers to work for those machines, which, as it is stated, is also a violation of the Strike Law.

“The employer never submitted the Rulebook on work to us, but offered us to sign the Collective Agreement, which he did not want to submit to us, which is a unique case,” it was stated in the open letter to the Minister of Labor.

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