– In 2020, the Municipalities recovered 6.5 million euros in tax and social security evasion, a figure that was down by 16.5% compared to the previous year. This was revealed by a Uil study, according to which since 2010, the year in which the co-participation of municipalities to combat tax evasion was introduced, the municipalities have recovered 123.3 million euros as a result of “qualified” reports to the Revenue Agency .

If we analyze the trend of the recovered sums – explains Ivana Veronese, Uil confederal secretary – it has gone from 1.1 million euros in the first year (2010), to almost 3 million euros in 2011, passing through 11 million euros. euros in 2012 and 17.7 million euros in 2013. The peak was reached in 2014 with a collection of 21.2 million euros, to then slow down and steadily decrease starting from 2015.

The report of the Labor, Cohesion and Territory Service of the UIL, which processed the data of the provision of the Ministry of the Interior of 8 October 2021, highlights how in the last six years the total premium recognized to the Municipalities for their participation in the fight against tax and social security evasion. Last year 279 Municipalities (only 3.6% of the total of Municipalities) participated with their activities in contrasting tax evasion compared to 387 the previous year (Municipalities located in Trentino excluded from the analysis -South Tyrol which have their own specific legislation).

Among all the municipalities that activated tax evasion activities last year, there are 54 provincial capitals. At the level of individual municipalities, San Giovanni in Persiceto (BO), last year, recovered 912 thousand euros; followed by the city of Genoa which collected 473 thousand euros; Turin 404 thousand euros; Milan 350 thousand euros; Bologna 310 thousand euros; Prato 236 thousand euros; Brescia 225 thousand euros; Bergamo 188 thousand euros; Modena 185 thousand euros; Rimini 167 thousand euros.

If we analyze the data referring to metropolitan cities, in addition to the aforementioned Genoa, Turin, Milan and Bologna, Florence and Rome collected 82 thousand euros; Venice 56 thousand euros; Naples 21 thousand euros; Reggio Calabria 18 thousand euros; Messina 3,679 euros; Palermo 2,116 euros; Catania 1,479 euros; Bari and Cagliari have not recovered anything.

At the regional level, the percentage incidence of the Municipalities that have activated investigations on the total of the same in Emilia-Romagna is 20.4%; in Tuscany of 8%; in Lombardy by 5.1%. In absolute values, in Emilia-Romagna the bonus awarded to municipalities amounts to 2.6 million euros; in Lombardy to 1.6 million euros; in Liguria to 542 thousand euros; in Piedmont to 535 thousand euros; in Tuscany for 436 thousand euros.

At the provincial level, if one calculates the percentage incidence of the Municipalities that have initiated investigations on the total of the same, in the province of Ravenna and Trieste 33.3% of the total of Municipalities received the bonus for their law enforcement action; in the province of Reggio Emilia, 28.6%; in the province of Modena 27.7%; and in the province of Ferrara 26.1%. In 28 provinces no municipality has activated the assessment procedures, while in the provinces of Alessandria and Pavia only 0.5% of the total municipalities have activated these procedures; in the province of Salerno 0.6%; 0.7% in the province of Varese.

In absolute values, the municipalities located in the province of Bologna collected a total of 1.3 million euros; in the province of Modena 683 thousand euros; in the province of Milan 598 thousand euros; in the province of Turin 500 thousand euros; in the province of Bergamo 483 thousand euros.

While in the province of Salerno the municipalities have collected 50 euros; in the provinces of Lecco, Catanzaro, Grosseto and Sulcis Iglesiente the municipalities collected 100 euros. “The data that emerge from the analysis – comments Ivana Veronese – are somewhat disappointing when compared to the high rates of tax evasion and work irregularities in our country, which according to the latest data amount to over 108 billion euros. Municipalities must and they can do a lot in terms of anti-evasion not only because in this way resources could be recovered to expand services to citizens or to lower taxes at the local level, but also because they are the first principals in the area “. “For this reason we believe it is useful – adds Ivana Veronese – to make the activity of the participation process of the Municipalities uniform throughout the national territory.

A strong digitalization action of the local public administration is needed, making the best use of the resources of the PNRR, able to computerize and homogenize the entire information assets available to the Municipalities, together with a training and updating plan for the staff of Local Authorities. Because – continues Ivana Veronese – a close fight against tax and social security evasion would allow to re-establish equity and social justice, as well as to enhance the productive fabric capable of creating “healthy” and “lasting” work.

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