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After a volatile day on Wall Street that fluctuated between ups and downs, the indices closed on the positive side and climbed 0.2% -0.3%. The government bond market declined and the yield on the 10-year US government bond fell to 1.54%.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Pfizer’s corona vaccine for children ages 5 to 11, following the expert committee’s recommendation to vaccinate children at one-third of the adult dose. Drug maker stock Pfizer – which will publish quarterly reports on Tuesday next week – has risen more than 1.3%.

The sharp declines tonight were recorded Western Digital , Starbucks , Gilead Science , Baidu andPindudo Chinese, and Amazon andDark – Although the declines of the tech giants have moderated towards the lock.

These declines were offset by increases by the e-commerce giant Ebay , Netflix , Tesla , Anvidia andIntel . Microsoft Strengthened slightly tonight to an all-time high, and combined with Apple’s decline – overtook it and became, once again, the largest company in the world in terms of market capitalization.

Software company Atlasian Soared after releasing strong reports for the first quarter of fiscal year 2022, according to which its sales jumped 34% to $ 614 million. As a result, adjusted earnings jumped 53 percent to $ 0.46 per diluted share. Market forecasts predicted earnings of $ 0.40 per share on revenue of close to $ 582 million.

The Israeli shares were traded on Wall Street in a mixed trend. Inmode Jumped almost 7%, Sentinel Van Increased by 4%, Zim andOfco Health About 3.5%. On the other hand, Global Island Lost close to 5%, Weeks andTremor Shed about 3.5%.

The crypto market has been relatively stable tonight and has risen at moderate rates. Bitcoin is trading around $ 62.1 thousand, Ether for $ 4,380. The Dojkoin dived 12 percent to 29 cents.

In the commodities segment, there were slight increases in the crude oil market, while gold weakened to $ 1,783 an ounce.


A fickle day in the American markets. The leading Wall Street indices are again down 0.1% each.

Western Digital andStarbucks Continuing to dive after the reports are published, Amazon loses 3% andAnvidia Decreases by 3.7%. EBay continues to recover from the avalanche it recorded this week and Microsoft climbs close to 2% to an all-time high at a share price of $ 330.


Changing trend on Wall Street: Leading indices are now recording slight gains, with the S&P 500 up 0.1%, the Dow Jones up 0.3% and the NASDAQ trading steadily with a positive trend.

The cafe giant Starbucks Loses 7% after the publication of its results (see earlier update), and both Amazon and Apple continue to decline.

Ofco Health The Israeli stands out tonight after publishing good quarterly results from the forecasts. The company reported earnings of 4 cents a share, above the consensus estimate of Goldman Sachs which expected a loss of 1 cents a share. This is the same profit as it recorded in the corresponding period last year. The revenue line also topped the forecast by more than 25% with sales of $ 385 million. At the same time, this is a lower amount than last year – then revenue was $ 428 million.

The positive trend also reached the commodity market, where the two types of crude oil returned to increases of up to 0.3%. Gold is still trading down 1.3% and natural gas is down almost 5%.


European stock markets have closed in a mixed trend. The DAX was down slightly, Potsey lost 0.1% while Kak rose nearly 0.4%. Indices in Vienna and Stockholm fell by about 1%.

National Westminster Bank stood out in London with a decline of 4.4%. While NatWest’s profit tripled in the third quarter, interest rates fell. The state-backed bank reported a pre-tax profit of £ 1.1 billion compared to £ 355 million a year ago.

On Wall Street the trend is mixed as the Dow Jones started up about 0.1% in light of gains of visa , Mark, Microsoft, Intel, Chevron and more.


US trading continues to be in a negative trend, with the highs recorded by the Nasdaq and S&P 500 yesterday erased. The Dow Jones traded steadily.

Apple and Amazon continue to fall 3.5% and 4% respectively, while Microsoft climbs 1% and Facebook 1.8%. Ebay Cut yesterday by about 7% recovering and rising by 3.8%, electric vehicle maker Lucid is rising by about 4% (following a jump of more than 30% last night) after announcing that it will start delivering its debut model (Air) in two days.

Among Israeli stocks, the trend is mainly positive, but most gains are moderate, when Inmode andOfco Health Prominence with a jump of 4.6% and 3.5% respectively. On the other hand, Tremor Loses about 4%, Re Automotive Retreated 3.5% andUS Fuel Decreases by 3.2%.

After the representative euro reached an all-time low against the shekel when its representative rate was set at NIS 3,686, the declines continue in continuous trading. The European currency is now losing about 0.9% to a level of NIS 3,659.


Trading on Wall Street started as expected in a negative trend. Gate prices continue to fall in Europe as well.

Among Israeli stocks, there was a weakness in Dario Heath and Compugen, while Ofko and Tower strengthened.

After the sharp declines thatDark It recorded in late trading last night and in early trading today, its market capitalization has declined and it has been relegated as the largest company in the world (with a market capitalization of about $ 2.5 trillion so far). The stock continues to fall by about 3.5%. Microsoft , Which strengthened slightly with the opening of trading, now in first place with a market value of $ 2.4 trillion, Apple immediately followed.

Amazon Prominent with a decrease of close to 5%, Tesla Jumps by 3.8%.

The commodity market is declining in both the oil and gold sectors, which is down 1.3 percent to $ 1,778 an ounce. U.S. oil (WTI) is down 0.7 percent to $ 82.1 a barrel, and Brent crude is down 0.4 percent to $ 83.2 a barrel.


Wall Street contracts continue to signal a negative opening in about an hour.

The shekel strengthened even today against most major currencies and the dollar exchange rate by 0.8% and was set at NIS 3,158 – a low since the beginning of the year. The euro is at an all-time low with its representative rate set at NIS 3,686.

Stock Starbucks Falling 5% in early trading after fourth-quarter earnings exceeded expectations, but sales missed forecasts. The decline is mainly due to the activity of the cafe chain in China – where sales in identical stores shrank by 7%. U.S. same-store sales rose 22 percent in the quarter. The company posted $ 1 earnings per share compared to expectations of 99 cents and revenue of $ 8.1 billion compared to expectations of $ 8.21 billion in revenue.

Other notable declines in early trading are recorded at Dark andAmazon Which last night published disappointing reports that showed mostly a stagnation in revenues, after a year of increases and shattering forecasts.

Western Digital Falls by 10% pre-fall. The company reported net income of $ 2.49 per share on revenue of $ 5.1 billion, an increase of 29% over the same period last year. Market analysts had expected $ 2.24 earnings per share on revenue of $ 5.1 billion so the technology company met market forecasts, but the stock is losing ground after the company released only a lukewarm forecast for the next quarter.

The energy company Exxon leads , The second-largest in the global oil industry (after Saudi Aramco) is strengthening ahead after surpassing estimates by 2 cents with adjusted quarterly earnings of $ 1.58 per share, although revenues fell below analysts’ forecasts. This is the company’s highest profit in four years.

Macro USA: The Delta variant is affecting U.S. consumption and demand in the economy, and consumer spending rose 0.6 percent in September. It was forecast to rise 0.5 percent, following a 1 percent increase last month.


Europe continues to decline, but they have moderated relative to the opening: the DAX is down 0.8%, the Potsy is down 0.2%, and the CAC is down 0.35%.

Wall Street futures are also red: the Dow Jones is down 0.12%, the Nasdaq is down 0.89%, and the S&P 500 is down 0.5%.


Inflation in the eurozone rose to 4.1% in October, a 13-year high.

The Hong Kong stock exchanges closed down 0.7%.


Red Europe: After the disappointing reports from Apple and Amazon, Europe opens with declines – the DAX is down 0.92%, the Potsy is down 0.75%, the Cock is down 0.55%.

In Asia, the Japanese stock market closed up 0.25%, and in China there were 0.82% gains in the Shanghai index and 1.44% in the Shenzhen index. Hong Kong continues its declines, which currently stand at 0.78%.


Asian stock markets are trading in a mixed trend: the Nikkei is up 0.37%, the Shanghai Composite Index is up 0.17%, the Shenzhen Index is up 0.7%, while Hong Kong is down 0.55%. The Australian stock markets are down 1.1%, after showing an increase in retail sales of 1.3% – a higher number than the forecasts that predicted an increase of 0.2%.

Following their reports yesterday, Amazon and Apple shares fell in late trading – Amazon shares up 4%, and Apple shares up 3.53%. Shares of Facebook rose 1.51% last night in light of its announcement yesterday, and after trading remained stable with a rise of 0.2%.

Germany and Canada will present their GDP later in the day, and the EU will present its annual consumer price index.

Bitcoin is up 4.3% in the last day and is currently at a rate of $ 61,000. Atherium is up 9.1% to $ 4,300

The trading day on Wall Street ended last night with price rises, with the highest in the Nasdaq index rising 1.4% to a new high. The S&P 500 rose 1%, the Dow Jones by 0.67%. The US government bond market also recorded Rises and the yield on the 10-year bond rose to 1.57%.

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