Facebook changes its name and becomes Meta

“It is time to have a new brand for our company, which includes everything we do. I am therefore proud to tell you that from today our company name will be Meta“. So Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, during the opening of the company’s annual conference.

“Our mission remains the same, our apps and their names will not change – explained Zuckerberg – but now we have a new North Star: to bring invites to the Metaverse. From now on we begin to be ‘Metaverse first’, no longer Facebook first”.

With the new name, Meta, Mark Zuckerberg also presented the new logo of the holding company during Facebook Connect.

It is a symbol of infinity, blue with shades of light to give a slightly three-dimensional effect. Next to the logo the new company name, “Meta”, in gray.

Zuckerberg said during the presentation that the new company will be “Metaverse first, no longer Facebook fist”, meaning they will continue to work on social networking apps, but the metaverse will be the main focus of the company.

The infinity symbol would seem to reflect the sense of rebranding, with Meta coming from the Greek word ‘half’ meaning beyond.

Facebook flies to the stock market after the presentation of the Metaverso project and the rebranding of the company: the stock on the Nasdaq earns 3.32% to 322 dollars and contributes to the rise in technology, which at the moment mark a + 1.20%.

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