Just this weekend, Microsoft’s victory over Apple in its market capitalization was announced, and now it is announced that Microsoft is preparing to move to Manhattan, to establish a central headquarters there, after years of exclusive operations in Redmond, Washington.

According to the Bloomberg publication, Microsoft has signed a huge lease for half of a 14,000-square-meter office building on 12th Avenue.

This move by Microsoft, amid all the plagues of the epidemic, seems to be going against the current of corporate abandonment movement of business centers in favor of the suburbs, including Kathy Wood’s announcement of the move of its investment headquarters from New York to Florida.

But in fact, Microsoft is not alone, and it may be signaling a counter-movement of high-tech business to New York – as early as last September, Google announced a deal to buy the office building it rents on the west side of Manhattan, for $ 2.1 billion –
The biggest deal in the U.S. office space since the epidemic began. In addition, real estate market estimates are that both Facebook (which recently changed its name to headquarters) and Amazon will try to establish their offices in New York.

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